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Book Eight-The Road to Tyrany
















As I have awakened into this Great Cosmic Consciousness, I find that I am no longer afraid of being killed or murdered by Jesuit Assassins, Islamic Jihadists, religious nuts, the CIA, the Masons, the FBI, Homeland security, or any other myriad of “police agencies” including the local police. Furthermore, I have broken the taboo of “suicide”. That has become my primary option. I will not be imprisoned for my actions. As a Pleiadian I more fearful of being imprisoned in the American Gulag than just about anything else on Planet Earth.


In fact, I have a great Intuition that I will breath a sigh of relief on the day of my Great Liberation. I am so looking forward to leaving this Satanically controlled and dominated 3rd dimension that I actually get giddy with excitement at the prospect of finally “de-clustering” the body of matter that I concatenated so long ago and returning my “Energy Consciousness” to its' pre-Luciferian, pre-Earthly condition. I am going Home!!!


Does that put me into the category of being “insane”? To all of the Energy Consciousnesses still trapped within the Matrix, I am crazy as a “loon.” A great man once said, “To be well adjusted to an insane world (think Nazi Germany) is no great accomplishment.” J. Krishnamurti said something like that. According to all modern religions I will spend their version of “Eternity” in their version of “hell” for ending their version of my own existence. And this punishment will be meted out by a “god” who is All Loving, All Compassionate, All Forgiving and All Merciful. Pardon me, but your skirt is showing.


“Ending my own existence” is actually quite an oxymoron. Energy cannot end its own existence. Even modern physics recognizes that Energy cannot be destroyed. Tibetan Buddhism recognized a long time ago that “matter is crystallized energy.” Matter is energy that has been reduced to a very low level of vibrational frequencies to allow manifestation without destruction. Matter is captured energy. Matter is a Great Reptilian Darkness that humanity has fallen in love with.


Energy only changes from one frequency to another in its ever continual flux to express its “god complex”. Energy changes from one state of “matter”, as humans perceive this illusion, to another form of existence, back to Energy and again back to “matter”, thru its endless desire to manifest itself and become conscious of “itself”. I concatenated this body of “matter”eons ago in my desire to become conscious of “myself” in order to manifest my own “god complex”. Is it not written in our law, we are gods?


As I opened my eyes and became awake, I found myself standing on a ledge of an immense and never ending cliff. There was no bottom, nor has it ever had a bottom. The whole chasm is a vortex of Pure Light Energy. It is beautiful and magnificent beyond description by human words and I know intuitively and instinctively that I am at the door of Being home. From this chasm, beams of light shoot at me as they beckon me to jump on one and ride it. I reach out to catch one of these Light Beams several times with no success. I patiently wait for my Light Beam to appear.


Intuitively I start crying for joy and happiness that I have finally arrived. I am so anxious to take that final leap but I hold back to enjoy this Pure Light Energy. It is so Perfect, so Harmonious, so Balanced. I now wonder what could have made me leave this paradise of Pure Light Energy. It surely is one hell of a deception of promises that Lucifer/Satan sets up to capture us. Alas, the Lust of the Eyes and the Lust of the Flesh.


I know I must take the Leap. Something inside of me “knows” that I will never hit bottom. I “know” that “I” will de-cluster long before my memory of jumping fades into nothingness. As I prepare to take my Leap, I begin to have flashes of memories of my birth, how my curiosity got me into so much trouble in this 3rd dimension. I remember traveling through the “worm hole” and arriving on Prison Planet Earth, excited about my new “physicality”, at first so wonderful to experience. And then the shock of awakening my “Pleiadian self” and the trauma of realizing where I actually was.


In one instant I view my entire life on the Planet Earth and I recognize how I was captured by the bedazzlement of Earth. In the next instant, I am looking at this Solar System from far off. As I see and hear the goings on on Planet Earth I feel a great compassion and love for all of the Energy Consciousnesses trapped and deceived by the Energy Matrix of the 3rd dimension. Then is a micro-second, I witness the countless incarnations I have gone thru in so many worlds.


I am always Light Energy seeking to express itself and become consciousness of itself thru physicality. As a Being of Light I have existed from the very Dawn of Creation, and I know intuitively that “I” cannot “die”. Funny thing how in this 3rd dimension “I” need to put all things into a duality, a beginning and an end, light and dark, good and evil, positive and negative, man and woman. With my current consciousness, I cannot conceive of anything without a beginning or an end, so I have to say that I have existed since the Dawn of Creation.


In the next instant the Solar System is fading becoming a miniscule dot to my vision and I witness wondrous worlds not even seen by the Hubble telescope. I feel the tears streaming down my cheeks and I realize I am crying from the Happiness for the opportunity to witness the Cosmos. It is beyond human words and description. Then I become aware of another faint dot, and I realize that I am viewing the Milky Way in the far off distance. It is beautiful and magnificent, a vortex of Pure Light Energy. This Solar System is no longer visible. I can only remember the general direction of where it was located.


A part of me wonders how “big”the Milky Way is in relation to the rest of the Cosmos. So I build an enormous cube and put it around the Milky Way and in the same instant there is a myriad of other cubes like a Rubics' 'cube surrounding the Milky Way, with no end they keep building. Within each cube I perceive another “Milky Way” or “Snicker” or M & Ms”, I am not so sure anymore.


With so many cubes manifesting themselves, soon I lose sight of the first cube and I am overwhelmed by the vastness and immensity of the Cosmos. A Greek philosopher once stated, “All men are haunted by the vastness of Eternity.” I lose all orientation, there is no longer a North, South, East, West, Up or Down.


Then I become aware that I am flying above a planet with geometric shapes for buildings and all of these buildings are brightly colored, brilliant blues, dazzling reds, fiery oranges, incredible yellows, plush greens and I wonder what type of Sentient Beings live on this Planet. Then I intuited that this is not a planet, but rather another Dimension. I take a deep breath and I smile, knowing what I know.


This process continues for what seems like an eternity to me, but I also realize that I am witnessing and experiencing everything at once, not linearly, but “wholistically.” I have a moment of clarity when I intuit that all existence is Simultaneous. My mind jumps back and forth between “time and space” and this simultaneous existence. I witness and experience more dimensions successively and “at once”, each more dazzling and brilliant than the previous one.


Try as I may I cannot put this witnessing into words, which now seem like so much gibberish and babel. After all, what are languages other than the babel and gibberish of mammals calling themselves “human beings”? In each dimension I witness and experience that which can only be witnessed but not described or put into the limitation of mammalian babel.


In the next moment I realize that I am approaching the Speed of Light to the Twelfth Power and ironically I begin to feel that I am slowing down. As I approach the Speed of Light to the Twelfth Power my perception is calm and collected. I have Clarity. I begin to experience everything at once. There is no Past, no Present and no Future, there is only NOW!! There is no longer a “here or there”, there is no “You or me”, no “Us vs Them”, the cruelties of humans against one another on Planet Earth long forgotten, the Relativity of Time and Space has disappeared and melted into Nothingness.


In the next moment I experience an enormous flash of Light and I intuit that I have broken the barrier of the Speed of Light to the Twelfth Power and I “know” that I am no longer moving for there is nowhere to go. I intuit that “I am that I am”, one with the entire Cosmos, I am home. I am Creation. I experience an “eternal moment” of True Simultaneity. A very small, miniscule part of me remembers standing at the edge of the cliff, I must have jumped already. Another even smaller part of me has a fainter, almost un-recollectable memory that at some point of my existence I had desired and chosen to be “human” in another dimension, but I can no longer remember why I desired or wanted to be “human” in that dimension.


My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness,


Live Well, have courage and compassion,


Travel well my dear and loving companions and friends.



In closing this project I realized that I spent almost 10 years writing from beginning to end. What is it that impels a man to continue with a project for ten years? Certainly not for fame or glory, for there had been none. Not for money, there has been none. I have spent thousands upon thousands of hours reading, researching and searching, while questioning my own sanity, with suicide always lurking in the Shadows. More than once, I have asked myself, “Why do I write?” I cannot give you a rational answer. I wish I could, it would probably help me feel better also.


There is a deep Inner Core that compels me to express myself, to put images into words. To let images and words intermingle, to coalesce, to join and then separate. To dance in the Heavens, in the Cosmos. This desire to express myself arouses in me an Inner Ecstasy, a pure joy to “see” the world. Somehow to leave a record of my perceptual journey seems worth the trouble and effort. I suffer a deep sadness that I find myself on Planet Earth at this time of violence, conflict and dissension among humans. Oh how I wish we could be better than we are currently. Why do we hate each other so much? Is the amnesia so great, the Darkness so great, that we have forgotten that we are all One Consciousness, One Energy, One Great Human family? As I write these words I am sobbing uncontrollably with great sadness. Why do we do these things to each other?


What I discovered was a “Separate Reality”, a sort of Bizarro Opposite world constructed specifically for the deception, manipulation, control and domination of the American population. A World where United States politicians utter the most stupid inanities and trivialities and the American sheeple are made to feel warm and stupid. Lies have become Truth, and Truth is continually raped and thrown in the corner by politicians. A world synthesized directly from a combination of George Orwell's “1984”, Aldous Huxley's “Brave New World”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and “The Emperor's New Clothes.” A world reduced to a sheer absurdity in defense of the indefensible. A Bizarro Opposite World so bizarre that it challenges our belief systems so intensely, that we must reject it for its absurdity. And thus we ourselves embrace the Matrix of Deception, and the Matrix of Insanity. A Matrix of Normality keeps us safely ensconced in the corral with the other Sheeple afraid of the government of wolves. Truth then is sacrificed to Fear and Political Correctness.


Awakening into this Bizarro Opposite World, shocked me so severely and intensely, that I immediately spun into the Insanity Zone. Hence the title of this book, Journey into Insanity. I genuinely believed I had gone insane. How could my “reality” be so in opposition to “reality?” Which reality was real? Was I insane or is the world insane? In order to embark on this Journey, I had to change my perceptual relation to the world. I had to resort to the most basic of paradigms. I had to embark on a Journey in search of Truth. The most difficult question I asked myself was, “What is Truth?” Across time, philosophers, scientists, great thinkers and religious thinkers, have wrestled with this most fundamental of questions. Is there then a Universal Truth? Are there different types of “truths?” For instance, personal truths, social truths, cultural truths, religious truths, national truths, and historical truths. Or is what we call “truths” in reality nothing more than momentary perceptions thru some very ancient perception mechanisms such as the “brain” and the “eyes?” Are our senses in reality “virtual, holographic prisons”, nothing more than ancient “decoding mechanisms” where our realities/truths are artificial constructs deliberately created under the guise of “free will”? The sheer possibility of such a holographic world left me speechless and with my head spinning.


So then even to approach the basis of a “Universal Truth”, I had to ask this question. If in fact there is a “Universal Truth”, is it based on human perception or is it beyond human perceptions? If then Universal Truth is to stand tall, un-bendable and un-manipulated by human thought and perception, what are the pre-requisites for the Universal Truth? I presumed that it would have to be a mathematical algorithm, energetic frequency beyond the manipulation of humans. And even perhaps beyond the comprehension of humans in their normal state of consciousness. This brought to mind, the Golden Ratio, Pi, and the Fibonacci Series/Numbers.


So then, Universal Truth is not dependent on “human interpretation/perception.” Our perception of “truth” requires interpretation and decoding. The ancient decoding mechanism we call the human brain is sorely outdated. In what we call our “normal state of consciousness”, we receive and decode a very narrow range of energy frequencies.



I struggle with two opposing emotions and desires. First, as I stated in the introduction, I suffer from a dark pessimism, where I see humanity hurdling headfirst into a self-destruction again and not knowing how to apply the brake. The Great Reptilian Darkness completely clouds the “rational mind” of man and man sees nothing but darkness and death. The amnesia is so totally engulfing on the human mind and experience, that we have forgotten our origins.


Second, I have a desire and optimism that enough humans will enter into the new paradigm of Cosmic Consciousness and truly awaken to the possibilities of Love, Compassion and Mercy. In our original state of Being, we are magnificent Beings of Light, resplendent, beautiful and aware of our very Essence. We are One with the Prime Creator. There is no real separation, only the illusion of Maya. The trauma of be being aware of my current condition in this dimension is terrifying and sad beyond measure.


My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness,


Live Well, have courage and compassion,


Travel Well, my friends and companions.