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Book 2-Satan's Deception

The New Babylon Whore



In 1933, the united states of America disappeared off the face of the Earth, due to bankruptcy and was replaced with a corporation with a similar name, the United States. If you go to 28 United States code, section 3002, paragraph 15, you will find this confirmed. Our country, America disappeared in 1933. The “nashon” of the United States was given official birth in 1871, when the United States corporation was chartered as a “municipal” corporation. The term municipal is a word indicating military jurisdiction and authority.

Since then, all the American sheeple have been born into, and lived in the corporate United States commercial military dictatorship as slaves with only privileges and immunities granted to us by the Fourteenth Amendment. The Bill of Rights died when America died in 1933. The American slaves live in a status of “civiliter mortuss”, on the USPOWSCC. No American slave can access the Law of the Land, as we live under Admiralty/Maritime Law. The 4th Edition of the Black’s Law Dictionary, edited by Henry Campbell Black, defines the term Civiliter Mortuus as that “political state of one being civilly dead, dead in the view of the law. The condition of one who has lost his civil liberties and capacities, and is, therefore, accounted as dead in the eyes of the law.” Does this sound like the America we have been en-trained to believe in? This is an integral part of the Bizarro Opposite World.

The United States has been his biggest success in modern times, with his “divide and conquer” policy. Hundreds of thousands of splintered groups, including religious groups, clamoring for attention and money from the government. Americans are the humans with the biggest egos and arrogance, and this allows Lucifer the biggest deception. Americans are stiff necked, arrogant fucks.

Every American male believes that is the best looking, the smartest, the overall baddest man alive, and every American woman secretly believes she is the prettiest and sexiest bitch in the neighborhood and that she will be “discovered” very soon, by someone famous. The American society is so hollow that it craves to be worshipped. All of humanity secretly covets power, prestige and status.

It is precisely this arrogance and egocentrism that prevents the American sheeple from any critical self analysis or honesty. In ancient Greece at the oracle at Delphi, there were several commandments. One read, “To thine own self be true”, another read, “nothing in excess”. Without the ability to look at ourselves critically and honestly, the American sheeple cannot progress beyond the insanity of arrogance and egocentrism. The favorite past time of the American sheeple is “self deception in the Great Mirror of Vanity” and “gluttony-every thing in excess.” Fuck it, you only live once. Bring it on, beeeeatch!!

The American sheeple will say that “we are the free-est people in the world, that America is “the greatest country in the world”, and if you do not believe this, then you should get the hell out of this country. The old “love it or leave it” approach. This keeps most of the sheeple in check.

America is the new Babylon whore. Why with 5% of the worlds’ population do we consume as much as 50% of the worlds resources. We are in fact, Lucifers’ best gluttonous slaves. The great German philosopher, Goethe, stated, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

We have a banking system that is based on fraud, extortion, deception and illusion. We have a legal system that has nothing to do with law. We have whores for judges and criminals for lawyers with immunity and licenses to steal. The First Archons created the perfect Bizarro Opposite World where everything we are taught to believe is reversed. “Above all you must maintain the appearance of upholding the law, while breaking the Law”, is the Legal Principle. Every liaryer is a traitor to his fellow American sheeple. What is most maddening is the level of blatant hypocrisy liaryers live with.

Consider this fact. Of all the worlds lawyers, 93% of them live and work in the good ole United States. At least whores know that they are whores and what their profession is. Bankers, judges and lawyers spend their entire careers pretending to be something they are not and will never be. The entire Legal system hides behind the facade of the Legal Principle. The non-existent “license to practice law” is actually a “license” to rape, pillage and plunder. To date, not one liaryer can produce an “actual license” to practice law issued by the State. They can produce a BAR card, which is the facade for the “Letter of Marque and Reprisal.” BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry. Liaryers are accredited thru the BAR. You must have a license to practice Admiralty/Maritime Law, which is the International Law of the Open Ocean, the Law of War. The Common Law was mortally wounded by FDR thru the commercial military dictatorship coup de etat in 1933, and finally decapitated in 1938 thru the Supreme Court decision in Erie v. Tompkins. Bon Voyage Motherfucker.