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Immigrant Me


Raised in a post-colonial, still racist America, with nothing more than a face-lift, the slave labor pool of the Great Mexican Migration kept labor costs down for the rich gringo rancher.  I say migration, but us Mexicanos were here hundreds of years before the arrival of "whitey" with their attorneys and English laws of "more for me, and less for you."  Mexicanos have been making America Great before the Great White Blondie arrived in 2016.  During WWII who do you think harvested the California, Oregon and Washington State crops with all of the American boys fighting the Japs, Krauts and Wops.  At the end of WWII the Ruskies were still our friends, but that quickly turned into a cannabalistic frenzy of territorial imperative.  Mine, Mine, Mine!!  Fuck you, we will just build a wall to keep you out, but more importantly to keep our citizens from leaving this communist haven.

My father used to tell us stories of his labor adventures.  He, along with thousands of Mexicans were picked up at border towns, by special permission from the U.S. Government, don't leave Mexico without it, in a program called the "Brazero Program." 

They would be transported in open air trucks, twenty to thirty to a truck, for hundreds of miles, much of the time standing up, packed like "cigarretes", into the New Old Mexico, like strangers in their own land.  With destinations in California, Oregon and Washington.  They would be "housed" in old chicken coups with leaky roofs and allowed once a week showers in concrete and cinder block enclosures with no hot water, ever.  Laboring 12-16 hour days to bring the harvest on time and paid slave wages, my father would with great pride send most of his earning to New Mexico to feed his family. 


None of us were fat or as is politically correct nowadays, "obeastly."  We did not own a television, no video games, no cell phones, in fact, no phones at all, my older brother and I swam in the ditches with no adult supervision or floaties on our arms, fat women did not wear spandex, we ate the fish we caught in the drainage ditch, aka, "el drenaje", we played in the dirt and mud, we did not use "hand sterilizer", we did not go to the doctor nor the dentist, we chewed tar, we tried to eat wild plants, sometimes paying the price, with the "runs" or severe stomach pains and gas farts that could strip paint off a  car.  We were raised on U.S. government "food surplus" programs, everything tasted like cardboard, but it filled our bellies, until I was twelve.  My older brother and I were modern day Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, we played in the sun for hours with no sunscreen, I was always so sunburned that my mother would call me her "negrito", aka, little sambo.  My mother, Dolores Serrato Giron, had a keen sense of humor.  When I reached teenage, I asked her a  very serious question.  "Momma, how come I am so dark?"  Matter of factly, she explained to me that "when she had been pregnant with me, she had drank lots of Pepsi's."  We climbed trees to the highest branches we could get to and sit on the forks of the branches and shit while screaming at the top of our lungs, "bombs away."  We destroyed many an ant colony.  Ay, Dios mio!!  Perdoname diosito santo!

I started picking  cotton when I was five years old.  "Swing low, sweet chariot", Aunt Jemima never made me a stack of pancakes.  I started my "work career" at the age of eight  picking onions, with the rest of the family, sun-up to sun-down. Truly a dark day for me as that would begin a ten year period of "slave labor."  We followed the harvest seasons, onions, jalapeno chile, long green chile, tomatoes, cotton as part of the Mexican Slave Labor force.  We had an intimate connection to Mother Nature, to our "tierra", the Sun was our friend, not to be feared because it might cause cancer [which of course it does not, except for pastey whitey]. The last four children in our family were raised in the onion, chile and cotton fields in the 60s and 70s. Not the 1760s or 1770s, in the 1960s and 1970s.  Ah, yes welcome to America my brown little friend.  But when the harvest is over, can I buy you a ticket back to old Mexico?  I'm just saying.  Don't take it personal, it's just business.  

I started school as a Mexican boy named Ricardo and graduated from GED school as a white boy named Richard.  Yes, indeed, just part of the assimilation process.  Nowadays, whitey loves "Mexican food", but only in  restaurants where Metzicans actually serve it.  "You see, we are enlightened and multicultural.  By the way dear, did you pay Juan for mowing the lawn?"  Hell, even el presidene Bush fell in love with the Metzicans.  He and Barbara had an actual Mexican maid made in Mexico.  I just love bush, don't you?  Cochino!  Nowadays, when I go eat at a Mexican restaurante, I quickly scan the territory and if it is mostly packed with gringos, that is a good indication the food will be excellente.  Dios mio, how did this happen?  So you see, Mexicans don't go to Mexican restaurants to eat Mexican food, we go to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, [aka weennies in Spanish] and ham and cheese sang-wiches, the real exotic food groups.


Now I will give you my white-washed, laundered and politically correct version of my bio. 

 I, Ricardo “Rico” S. Giron was born in El Paso, Texas on June 30th, 1957.  I was raised in Mexico until I was five years old and then migrated to America.  I was raised in sheer poverty and never actually knew how poor we were.  Within this poverty there was great innocence and freedom, we had not yet been corrupted by the American dream, "have more, be more, want more, be somebody important."  Not to worry, I eventually fell prey to the American dream.  The United Nations has concluded that of the 50 or so "developed nations" the land of opportunity, aka, America, ranks in the lower 20th percentile in "economic opportunity."


I attended Gadsden High School and finished after the 11th grade by passing the GED in September of 1975. In high school I excelled in sports and academics. In May of 1975 I placed second in the New Mexico High School Decathlon in Track and Field by competing against the best athletes in New Mexico including 1A, 2AA, 3AAA and 4AAAA.

 In October of 1975 I voluntarily joined the U.S. Army and served my tour in West Germany as an Artillery Surveyor [82Charlie]. While I was attending Basic Training in Fort Knox, Kentucky I was selected to attend the West Point Academy based on my entrance exam score, upper percentile. I declined the offer. I attained the rank of Sergeant, E-5 before my Honorable Discharge in October of 1978. While stationed in West Germany I traveled to the neighboring countries including France, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Austria, and I extensively toured West Germany. I also competed in Wrestling and Track and Field during my tour.

Since then, I have traveled around the world. I have had the opportunity to travel to the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, China, Beijing, Hong Kong, Israel, Egypt, England, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Panama, Costa Rica, coast to coast in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii


 Upon my return to Albuquerque, New Mexico I enrolled in UNM in January of 1979 and started a pre-med curriculum intending to become a Physical Therapist. I attended five semesters and eventually moved to Las Vegas, New Mexico in September of 1982. I attended NMHU from January 1983 to December of 1984. In December of 1984 I left NMHU and returned to Albuquerque, New Mexico lured by a job in Sales. I stayed in Sales and Business for five years.

 In 1989, I returned to Las Vegas, New Mexico and finished one year of academics to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy in May of 1990. I have since then remained in Las Vegas, New Mexico permanently.  I tell my kids that it took me three decades to finish my degree.


From September 1990 to May 2003, I ran my own agency dealing with investments, life insurance, mutual funds, and annuities. At the peak I supervised and trained 10 agents. Since 2003, I have been retired and serving as a volunteer Private Attorney General under authority of 42 USC, section 1988.

 On Labor Day 1999 while camping at Storrie Lake in Las Vegas, New Mexico I was confronted with a situation where three kids were in the lake drowning. I succeeded in rescuing two of the kids, but the third boy did drown. I nearly perished during the rescue. For my actions I was nominated by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission to receive the Carnegie Medal for Heroism. In May of 2000, I was awarded the Carnegie Medal for Heroism. In the 100 year history of the medal, I became only the 22nd Citizen in New Mexico to received this prestigious Medal. 

Since 2000 I have been actively involved studying law, court cases, court decisions, the Constitution for the united States of America, the New Mexico Constitution,Supreme Court cases, Appeals Court cases, New Mexico Supreme Court cases, New Mexico Appeals Court cases, the so-called Internal Revenue Code, Title 26 IRC, Title 26 USC, the 50 USC, merchant law, the UCC, and Blackstone’s Commentaries. I can say with 100% confidence that I have paid all lawful taxes that I lawfully owe under this Constitution for the united States of America as an American Citizen. I feel confident that I have amassed more then 10,000 hours of studying law and legal issues.