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Humanity's Dilemna

Book III Chapters





















The Human Suicidal Impulse


With 85% of human beings having a death wish, we have to ask some serious questions in regards to this impulse.  Allow me to cover some bases first. I am going to look at suicide directly in the eye from a totally different perspective. I will look at suicide from a practical perspective and the Great Liberation instead of from the fear loaded religious prohibitions. I will explore these “religious prohibitions” from a point of view of control and domination. And yes, I will dare to contradict these prohibitions. I will ask the “detective questions” of what, who, when, where, why and how. Why do religions have us fearing “death” when it is such a natural outcome of being born. All material things die or more correctly, transition from one form of energy to the next. We are on this planet for a mere nanosecond and based on that nanosecond were are either going to hell or heaven? That is plain wrong.  This pseudo religious perspective is sheer madness.

I would say that most humans have a nagging feeling that something is wrong but, yet cannot put their finger on the problem.  A lot of people feel out of place.  Somehow we know that we are not our true selves.  Something big is missing.

The reason that we cannot put into words the cell memory hologram from ancient times is that it is pre-verbal and pre-logic.  These events happened at a time in our history when we humans still communicated telepathically.  Hence, our experiences cannot be verbalized. This only furthers the schism of our psyches and the cognitive dissonance that we experience.  We are not integrated.  We are not whole.  I mean really, a split brain instead of a whole brain. We lack Singularity. The very nature of this dimensions is duality. This duality creates friction and conflict.

What if the energy of our bodies through our cells has recorded every event that has ever happened in our time/space continuum since the Dawn of Creation?  What if each and every cell in our body has a holographic memory of all of the events since the Dawn of Creation​? That would be a tremendous memory bank.

What if there existed another holographic memory of all events since the Dawn of Creation that was outside of our cells?   In some circles this is called the Akashic record.  So then, let us presume that in fact the Akashic record exists in terms of energy, also a  hologram. However, in our dumbed down state of idiocy and insanity, we cannot access this Akashic record.  There are some human beings that can in fact access the Akashic record.  These would include clairvoyants, grand masters living among the human race, shamans, witchdoctors, witches, highly intuitive human beings, savants and some others that I cannot think of at this moment.

In some cases even severe injuries or illnesses could open up pathways to this Akashic record. In my introduction I outlined my experience with the massive explosion in my right hemisphere and the resultant radical change in Consciousness. So then the holographic cell memory is a micro recording while the Akashic is a holographic macro recording of all events since the Dawn of Creation.  Sort of a backup, redundant system of recording. Near death experiences are a common pathway to the Akashic records.  I do not recall reading of a near death experience where the people resuscitated and returned to earth life with horrible stories of demons and goblins. Without exception, all of these near death

Free Will and the Contradiction of Suicide

Lucifer loves war, Lucifer loves chaos. He loves discord. He loves hatred. He loves fear. He loves contradictions. He loves confusion. He loves secrets. Divide and conquer is his motto. Always has been and always will be. Keep in mind that Lucifer, Satan, Yahweh, Annunaki, First Archons, the Dragon, the Reptilians are for the most part, either one Sentient Energy or one class of Sentient Beings.

So then lets’ examine “free will” in its purest sense here on Planet Earth and in relation to suicide.

I have been on this Planet Earth for slightly over 60 years and I have just about had enough of the criminal insanity, the shenanigans and absurdities of humans. The insanity of this planet has become frightening for me. I simply want to go home. As I look forward into the future, I see more and more struggle, economic poverty, my body just continuing to wane and decay. So I have to ask, “Why do I want or desire to stay here?” So if I truly have “free will”, I came to this Planet of my own accord, and I can chose to leave this Planet of my own accord. And yet, here are all of the worldly religions telling me if I commit suicide, my Soul, I, will be damned into Eternity with no chance of redemption. This is simply the greatest Fear Factor ever devised. This creates quite a conundrum for me. As such, I will attempt to clarify for myself, and, shed some light on the subject for you dear reader.

Here is the great irony, a “slave” is not allowed to kill himself because he would be destroying his Masters' property and depriving his Master of the commercial benefit of owning the slave. And of course, a slave has no right to determine or decide anything for himself. That is why “suicide” is prohibited on the USPOWSCC and the world-wide Plantation. Suicide has nothing to do with “eternal damnation” or being cast out into outer darkness. The prohibition on suicide is simply a fear based control mechanism, (aren't all mechanisms of control based on fear), to keep the slave from making the ultimate decision to end his or her slavery. The Slave Masters do not like when a slave takes the initiative and that decision ultimately costs them economically. A rebellious slave is despised by the Slave Masters. On the other hand, an obedient slave is highly “prized.” Hell, the police will even kill you to prevent you from committing suicide. Say What? The main thing they are trying to prevent is to make sure that the freedom of suicide does not become catchy and trendy.

There is a great deception amongst us humans. That is the belief that we are free and have something called “free will”. This an archaic program downloaded into the human genetic map to keep humanity in a delusional state of “I can do whatever the fuck I want.” This false belief in “free will” has kept humanity in “prison of the mind.” Within the Matrix, under this delusion of free will, humanity continues to live in a constant state of war and antagonism. War is the result of humanity's criminal insanity.

Do we even know what real freedom is? If our mind is a prison, how in the world are we free. If we live in the Matrix of Deception, how are we free?  We proclaim ourselves to have free will to do whatever we want. This is my body we say and I can do whatever I want. Maybe this idea of free will is simply a holographic cell memory of something we had once. The idea of “free will” is a holographic projection and an ancient archaic software program


Book 3-Humanity's Dilemna