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Humanity's Dilemna

Book III Chapters




















[I have provided the courtesy of the first one or two pages per chapter-these samplings are not the complete book.]

The Human Suicidal Impulse

With 85% of human beings having a death wish, we have to ask some serious questions in regards to this impulse.  Allow me to cover some bases first. I am going to look at suicide directly in the eye from a totally different perspective. I will look at suicide from a practical perspective and the Great Liberation instead of from the fear loaded religious prohibitions. I will explore these “religious prohibitions” from a point of view of control and domination. And yes, I will dare to contradict these prohibitions. I will ask the “detective questions” of what, who, when, where, why and how. Why do religions have us fearing “death” when it is such a natural outcome of being born. All material things die or more correctly, transition from one form of energy to the next. We are on this planet for a mere nanosecond and based on that nanosecond were are either going to hell or heaven? That is plain wrong.  This pseudo religious perspective is sheer madness.

I would say that most humans have a nagging feeling that something is wrong but, yet cannot put their finger on the problem.  A lot of people feel out of place.  Somehow we know that we are not our true selves.  Something big is missing.

The reason that we cannot put into words the cell memory hologram from ancient times is that it is pre-verbal and pre-logic.  These events happened at a time in our history when we humans still communicated telepathically.  Hence, our experiences cannot be verbalized. This only furthers the schism of our psyches and the cognitive dissonance that we experience.  We are not integrated.  We are not whole.  I mean really, a split brain instead of a whole brain. We lack Singularity. The very nature of this dimensions is duality. This duality creates friction and conflict.

What if the energy of our bodies through our cells has recorded every event that has ever happened in our time/space continuum since the Dawn of Creation?  What if each and every cell in our body has a holographic memory of all of the events since the Dawn of Creation​? That would be a tremendous memory bank.

What if there existed another holographic memory of all events since the Dawn of Creation that was outside of our cells?   In some circles this is called the Akashic record.  So then, let us presume that in fact the Akashic record exists in terms of energy, also a  hologram. However, in our dumbed down state of idiocy and insanity, we cannot access this Akashic record.  There are some human beings that can in fact access the Akashic record.  These would include clairvoyants, grand masters living among the human race, shamans, witchdoctors, witches, highly intuitive human beings, savants and some others that I cannot think of at this moment.

In some cases even severe injuries or illnesses could open up pathways to this Akashic record. In my introduction I outlined my experience with the massive explosion in my right hemisphere and the resultant radical change in Consciousness. So then the holographic cell memory is a micro recording while the Akashic is a holographic macro recording of all events since the Dawn of Creation.  Sort of a backup, redundant system of recording. Near death experiences are a common pathway to the Akashic records.  I do not recall reading of a near death experience where the people resuscitated and returned to earth life with horrible stories of demons and goblins. Without exception, all of these near death

Free Will and the Contradiction of Suicide

Lucifer loves war, Lucifer loves chaos. He loves discord. He loves hatred. He loves fear. He loves contradictions. He loves confusion. He loves secrets. Divide and conquer is his motto. Always has been and always will be. Keep in mind that Lucifer, Satan, Yahweh, Annunaki, First Archons, the Dragon, the Reptilians are for the most part, either one Sentient Energy or one class of Sentient Beings.

So then lets’ examine “free will” in its purest sense here on Planet Earth and in relation to suicide.

I have been on this Planet Earth for slightly over 60 years and I have just about had enough of the criminal insanity, the shenanigans and absurdities of humans. The insanity of this planet has become frightening for me. I simply want to go home. As I look forward into the future, I see more and more struggle, economic poverty, my body just continuing to wane and decay. So I have to ask, “Why do I want or desire to stay here?” So if I truly have “free will”, I came to this Planet of my own accord, and I can chose to leave this Planet of my own accord. And yet, here are all of the worldly religions telling me if I commit suicide, my Soul, I, will be damned into Eternity with no chance of redemption. This is simply the greatest Fear Factor ever devised. This creates quite a conundrum for me. As such, I will attempt to clarify for myself, and, shed some light on the subject for you dear reader.

Here is the great irony, a “slave” is not allowed to kill himself because he would be destroying his Masters' property and depriving his Master of the commercial benefit of owning the slave. And of course, a slave has no right to determine or decide anything for himself. That is why “suicide” is prohibited on the USPOWSCC and the world-wide Plantation. Suicide has nothing to do with “eternal damnation” or being cast out into outer darkness. The prohibition on suicide is simply a fear based control mechanism, (aren't all mechanisms of control based on fear), to keep the slave from making the ultimate decision to end his or her slavery. The Slave Masters do not like when a slave takes the initiative and that decision ultimately costs them economically. A rebellious slave is despised by the Slave Masters. On the other hand, an obedient slave is highly “prized.” Hell, the police will even kill you to prevent you from committing suicide. Say What? The main thing they are trying to prevent is to make sure that the freedom of suicide does not become catchy and trendy.

There is a great deception amongst us humans. That is the belief that we are free and have something called “free will”. This an archaic program downloaded into the human genetic map to keep humanity in a delusional state of “I can do whatever the fuck I want.” This false belief in “free will” has kept humanity in “prison of the mind.” Within the Matrix, under this delusion of free will, humanity continues to live in a constant state of war and antagonism. War is the result of humanity's criminal insanity.

Do we even know what real freedom is? If our mind is a prison, how in the world are we free. If we live in the Matrix of Deception, how are we free?  We proclaim ourselves to have free will to do whatever we want. This is my body we say and I can do whatever I want. Maybe this idea of free will is simply a holographic cell memory of something we had once. The idea of “free will” is a holographic projection and an ancient archaic software program

The Reluctant Human

So then, let us summarize. Why do 85% of human beings have a death wish. First, lets’ put the so called death wish into a different perspective. If we see the death wish as a desire to return to a previous state or condition of existence, that is to say, pre-Luciferian and pre-Earthly, then perhaps it does not seem so bad or such a crazy idea. In this Earthly Matrix, psychologists call this “thanatos” and consider it a disease.

Maybe, just maybe we just want to go home. Maybe we are just homesick. Every single human that has a near death experience and returns to his body, is no longer afraid of dying. That fear is gone. This is a Universal experience. Even if we momentarily return to our true state of Being, that of uncompressed Light, then it is easy to understand why we would no longer be afraid. In those moments, we are home. Satan hates this with a passion.

“Depression is the leading cause of disability world-wide. It is also the fourth leading contributor to the global burden of disease. The WHO has estimated that by the year 2020, [only two years from the present], depression will become the second largest cause of suffering -next only to heart disease. In many “developed” countries, such as the United States, depression is already among the top causes of mortality.” Grain Brain, David Perlmutter. The most fundamental question then is this, “Why are so many people in the United States so unhappy and sad?” Additionally, why is this being reflected more and more across the world, in contrast to more and more technological advancements being implemented in world-wide societies?

It almost seems that the more technologically advanced a country becomes, the more depressed the people become. There is an inverse relationship between happiness and technological development and implementation in any country. Technological development is outpacing the human capacity to integrate it. In the United States, the more gadgets and electronic crap we have, the more our capacity to enjoy the simplicity of life diminishes. I mean we have 5,000 TV channels, the “Cloud”, now 80 inch TV screens, computers in our phones, with no end in sight. And ironically, we are more depressed than ever. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Was not technology supposed to “improve” our lives? To decrease our work week? In a great twist of irony, I have seen computer techies with three large computer screens on the desk. WTF!!

Obviously, more and more technology does not bring happiness, inner peace and harmony. While technology has forced us to change our habits and behavior, it has not brought us inner peace and harmony. Why then is “science” so recklessly developing newer and newer technology when in human terms, it results in a devolution of the human condition. I suppose the answer lies in the money question. For corporations it is all about “follow the money”. If there is money to be made with a new gadget or toy, it is fanatically pursued. And Americans love new toys. America suffers from an “imbecile infantilism” compared to the rest of the world. Americans are spoiled rotten with technology and modern conveniences. Science never bothers to ask a critical question, “What is the human cost of this new technological development?” Scientists are funded by corporations to come up with all sorts of crap to keep the sheeple entertained. Baaa!! Baaa!! In conclusion, technology has a prophylactic effect on human intelligence.  For instance, who bothers with memorizing phone numbers anymore?

On the Nature of Being

What is the Nature of Being? What is the Nature of Existence? These are the two most fundamental questions for “humanity”. Most “human beings” will never ask these questions, and even less will seek to answer them. At the beginning of this treatise, I posed the following question, “What are we?”, as opposed to “Who are we?” The “who are we” question is narrowly egocentric and answers nothing. Human beings still think they are their Ego. If we are to establish that “humanity” in fact has “free will”, then we must answer the following two questions also. First, “Why do want, desire or need to be Human?” Second, “Why do we want, desire or need to be on Planet Earth?”

Throughout this treatise I have laid out many dots and attempted to create a composite image for you. This chapter will specifically require you to free your imagination and to allow yourself to travel in your mind at the Speed of Creation, which is about the “Speed of Light” to the 12th power. Speed of Light to the 12th power is “Being”.

All human beings, in fact, all Sentient Beings in all of Creation, have the same four basic wants. First, all human beings want to be loved. If we are loved, we feel complete, we feel whole. It results in a sheer ecstacy in our lives. The Power of Love is infinite. Second, in lieu of being loved, we want to feel loved. To be loved and to feel loved are almost the same. However, there is simply a degree of separation. I have heard women say, “My daddy never told me he loved me, but I could feel his love.” On the down side, “feeling loved” could involve some self deception and creating an illusion. It is hard to say. All is fair in Love and War. Here is an interesting note, a man can verbally say to a woman, “I love you”, but not mean it and the woman will intuitively feel it. The intonation of the voice and the body language are dead giveaways for the woman. Men are terrible liars. Men believe that if they believe their own lies, then everyone else should also believe them. The Ego Mind of men is very stupid. The Heart Brain of women is intuitive and all knowing. If more women would listen with their Heart Brain, male deceptions would drop by over 90%.

Third, we want to be seen. We want to be noticed. The entire Hollow American Male (HAM) syndrome was born from this need. The HAMs of America are desperate to be seen simply because the family system and the rearing of our children has broken down. The American system of raising our families is dysfunctional. Post WWII, the nuclear family has been systematically destroyed by the PTB. Fathers can spend an entire lifetime in the presence of their own son(s) and never “see” them. This results in a tremendous physical and psychic pain that cuts to the very core of the Being of the son(s). And then, with mothers being forced into the work force, the “family hearth” disappeared, now it is take out for dinner, and the trash called “ramen noodles” in a cup.

Robert Bly author of several books and lecturer wrote in one of his books, I am paraphrasing, “When a father does not bond with his son(s), there is an empty space created. However, Nature hates vacuums. That empty space fills up with Demons.” Those Demons are manifested in numerous ways. Workaholism, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, misogyny, Power Structures, i.e. politics and religions, Prestige, Status, in fact, any external addiction in a empty attempt to fill the “Hole in the Soul.” A favorite career for these hollow American Males is law enforcement, including the SWAT teams.

Fourth, we want to be heard. Woman have one major complaint about their husbands, “You never listen to me.” A common phrase amongst humans is “Hear me out” or “Listen to me.” Men, if you are married and your wife tells you, “We need to talk.” It simply means, she needs to talk and you need to listen. If you are smart, you will shut your mouth and listen. However, here is the problem, if you are married, you are not that smart after all. See, men marry out of fear. The fear is this, “If I don't marry my sweetheart, then she will find someone that will marry her.” Women on the other hand marry for more practical reason, like the security that money, power, prestige, and status bring. Do women marry for Love?


A Dragon Demon/Slave Race II


“In each of us there are two natures, the Good and the Evil. All of our lives a fight goes on between them. However, in the end, one of the must conquer. That which we most want to be, we are.”


This chapter will shake the very foundation of modern civilization. This whole chapter is premised on the belief that the so called human race is actually a seeded dragon demon/slave race seeded by the Dragon himself personally for one purpose and one purpose only, to serve the Dragon Master in every possible manner as dictated by the Dragon himself. This creation was under the direction and control of the First Archons, Rulers of Darkness.


There are four concepts that humans find impossible to understand and believe. First, that the Creator Gods that “bio-engineered” man, are evil and not good at all. Second, that these Creator Gods are in fact lower dimensional Super Intelligent Beings but are not the Prime Creator/ Source. Third, that man is not the epitome of “god's creation” but is rather the Cosmic Amoeba. And last, that Planet Earth may in fact be the Prison Colony of the Milky Way system. Swerdlow.


Once in this 3rd dimension, they discovered that what in their dimension was considered “normal and average” for them was in fact “super-powers” in this dimension. They realized that their powers of creation in this dimension were so vast and enormous, that they could in fact manipulate the Matrix of Energy to suit their own needs and desires. This ability gave them “cart blanche” to create any effect they desired in this dimension with no restrictions whatsoever. As I stated earlier, one group of these beings was called the “Devas that delight in creating”.


At this point I can relate the plurality of this group to the statement in Genesis, when these Devas stated, “Come let us make man in our image, in our likeness”. This group could very easily have been one of the tribes of Israel composed of twelve thousand members. If we could look at the number of species that have existed on Planet Earth since recorded time, we realize that these species are so different and unique in relation to one another, that they had to be genetically created with no relation to one another simply the creation from the imagination of any given Deva.


All twelve thousand members set about to create the most exotic, incredible, wonderful, amazing creatures limited only by their imaginations and then all of those species were put on Planet Earth to co-exist. Because of the energetic conditions that existed on Planet Earth at that time, and the ability of the Devas to manipulate the Energy Matrix, there is no actual congruence or coordination in the creation of creatures on Planet Earth. Each of the Devas created to his heart’s content. We also know that most of those species created since that moment in time are extinct.

At that point in time, man did not exist. No division, no misogyny; everything harmonious, mathematically correct and electromagnetically harmonious, there was only one language—TELEPATHY.



A Dimension of Conflict


Civilization is an elaborate construction. An elaborate, complex of mental constructs that temporarily allow man to set aside his hatred of his fellow man and to function within a cultural, national, political or religious group. However, a Beast lies in the Reptilian Brain of Man. The Beast is narcotized by the facade of civilization. The Beast is always trying to break thru this facade and find its' full expression for what it truly is, a ravenous Beast of Violence. “She really hated. It was not hatred of anyone in particular, but a feeling of general hate, a suppressed antagonism towards everyone and everything...but a deep-rooted hatred which had being going on all her life. What shocked her was that she had always thought she was affectionate and kind...but now I see, I see I am still jealous, not of him, for he is dead, but of happy people, of married people, of the successful, of almost anyone.” J. Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living.


Humanity lives in a perpetual condition of “self-loathing and self-hatred” I describe as the Great Reptilian Darkness, in the mental institution called Planet Earth, and thus must continually project this Great Darkness onto his fellow man.


This antagonism is bred in the Ego Mind which is always externally directed and compares itself to all other Ego Minds and must of necessity elevate itself in some manner, even if inconsequential and trivial, above other Ego Minds. The Ego Mind gives itself it's own level of “importance.” The Ego Mind is directed by the Narcissus software download. This is the source of the constant antagonism we see in the world at large. This constant comparison plays directly into the Hierarchical Structures of the Patriarchal Societies. The American motto is , “Be first, be the best or cheat.” Be the King of the Hill. Be the best you can be. The American mind set is to be the best at something. Even if it is your own little shit pile. The most common trait of the American mind set it that of “self-aggrandizement thru self deception.”


“Competition, ambition, the effort to be or not to be, the will to achieve, and so on—is all part of conflict. We know there is conflict at all the different levels of life, and it would be foolish to deny it.” Krishnamurti, supra. “War runs in our blood. We are biologically designed for conflict, for struggle, for overcoming adversity. No globalization, no unification of nations, no removal of class, religious, racial, economic differences will ever do away with war.” Article from The Liberty Beacon. I have called this the fourteenth fundamental truth, “The Will to Power thru Dominance by the Acquisition of others' Energy.” Would cooperation then be the opposite of conflict? If conflict arises from the Ego Mind, can the Heart Brain then be the answer to this conflict. The Heart Brain is the center of Compassion, Love, Mercy and Cooperation. The Heart Brain is the Intuitive Center and is the link between Heaven and Earth. The Heart Brain links the Infinite to the Finite and vice versa, links the Finite to the Infinite. Conflict drains the opposing party of Energy. Would cooperation from the Heart Brain then do the opposite, increase the synergistic energy available to live better? Perhaps humans will never know. The Ego Brain is in a constant acquisition mode, an ever expanding mode. The Heart Brain on the other hand is in a centered state of Being. It simply is.


Speaking with the Dead and Psychic Vampirism


I want to have some fun with this chapter. I am going to write this chapter like one would build a pyramid. Here, as at the beginning of this book, I have to issue you with a warning and disclaimer in the form of the Greek maxim, “All thought is to be examined, nothing is to be left untouched”. I simply seek understanding and knowledge, nothing more. Well, maybe, I also want to have a little fun by making fun and pointing out some absurdities. After all, I am a Rebel with a Cause. I have to admit that I am a tortured Soul. I suffer for the predicament of Humanity. I simply cannot understand the violences and aggressions of humanity against itself.

When a human child is born live of his mother, we know that the child is a living, breathing, flesh and blood being. It is so obvious that no one save a “crazy” would dispute this.

However, at the hospital, there is a sinister, very dark entity that wants to immediately kill and consume this newborn and to capture it’s energy for the entire time they exist on this Prison Planet. Just for fun, I am going to label this dark entity, the Dragon/the State.

The Dragon, ah yes the Dragon. The Dragon loves human flesh and blood. It especially loves the tender flesh of human newborns and their blood. It is pristine and pure and thus very powerful and intoxicating, a true Elixir of the Gods. So symbolically and psychically, this newborn is sacrificed to and by the Dragon. In its’ place is born an artificial entity, a legal fiction, a corporate juristic person, an ALL CAPITALS name is created in place of the human child, living breathing being. This ALL CAPITALS name is also known as the STRAWMAN, the NOME DE GUERRE, the PRISONER OF WAR name. A fiction is a rule of law that assumes something which is or may be false as true. Herein lies the power of the fiction. It takes anything which is presumed to be false and gives it the legitimacy of truth. The Perfect Bizarro Opposite Word.

In order for this construct to work, there was one overriding principle that had to be put into place that changed the “political status” of all flesh and blood human beings on the American continent. That was to remove the access to the Law of the Land so that no man, woman or child of flesh and blood could ever access the Law of the Land. Or any protection of the Law for that matter. The process was to symbolically kill all men, women and children of flesh and blood and convert them to artificial entities with the status of “civiliter mortuus”. This created an entirely new political jurisdiction, the walking dead. In other words, Zombies. This status was pivotal in enslaving the entire American continent and harnessing the power and energy of the living while denying the living any protections of the Law of the Land. This is the psychic vampirism I am talking about.

All governments are parasitical in their nature. Governments produce nothing. All governments seek to gather power unto themselves for the sake of power itself. That is why all governments tend to grow and become bloated pigs. All governments are Power Mongers. No matter what facade they hide behind, “republic, democracy, constitutional democracy, constitutional Monarchy, Dictator", each name is simply a facade. Power seeks to aggrandize itself for its own


Taming the Dragon


Western Civilization claims to have brought itself out of the Dark Ages into the Age of Enlightenment. Ah yes, the Age of Enlightenment. Finally, humanity stopped all wars, all conflicts, conquered violence and hatred, women are respected all over the world, we protect our children and our elderly, mysogyny is a thing of the past, there is no more hunger, or famine, humanity's suffering is over, there is justice all over the world, a true Paradise. Say what?


This dimension is a dimension of duality, of polarities, the Ying and the Yang. Both polarities hold an equal station within the Singularity. But Western Civilization has become so imbalanced that it now esteems itself that it has raised itself out of the Dark Ages to finally enter the Age of Enlightenment. However, this is a self-proclamation. This self-proclamation has actually imbalanced the “Western psyche” and the “American psyche” even more so than during the Dark Ages.


So let us examine this idea. Man warred during the Dark Ages. Man wars during the Age of Enlightenment. There was hunger and famine during the Dark Ages. There is hunger and famine during the Age of Enlightenment. Mysogyny existed during the Dark Ages. Mysogyny exists now during the Age of Enlightenment. There was injustice during the Dark Ages. World-wide injustice exists now in the Age of Enlightenment.


Here is the Great Satanic Deception, the so called Age of Enlightenment is the Dark Ages with a “face lift, a complete makeover”. Human nature did not change with the proclamation by someone that now humanity is in the Age of Enlightenment. Human nature did not evolve into any higher consciousness during the last 1,000 years. The Western psyche and the American psyche are the most imbalanced because they embrace one extreme or the other. Western Civilization is an either/or civilization. Remember the proclamation by Bush, “You are either with us or against us.” It is an “all or nothing civilization. Western Civilization is totally polarized, with no room for middle ground. You are either a winner or a loser. Here is a clue. At the moment that someone made the self-proclamation that Western Civilization entered the Age of Enlightenment, what in reality changed?


All self-proclamations involve self-deception. All men trumpet their glories and vanities. Thus all nations, all governments, and all cultures trumpet their glories and vanities. Western Civilization demonizes all other cultures in order to go to War and Plunder. Western Civilization has been imbued with myths and fables of the “Hero” slaying the “Dragon”. The Hero always represents the Light and the Dragon represents the Darkness. So finally, the Light has conquered the Darkness. There is not a single Western myth or fable wherein the Hero makes friends with the Dragon. It is always a mentality of war, kill, conquer, destroy, with not an iota of inquisitiveness of who this “enemy” is. There is a maxim that states, “We have met the Enemy, and he is us.” Or, “We are our own worst enemy.” However, ancient cultures always stated, “Know thine enemy.”


Has anyone bothered to ask this critical question, “Why are we our own worst enemy.” What do we know intuitively that makes us feel this is the case? What is the Western Psyche missing in its self-knowledge that creates the need to destroy one half of itself? Do Humans loath and hate themselves internally? Again, the Light and the Dark hold an equal station within the Singularity. Failure to acknowledge both polarities as equals within ourselves has resulted in a Matrix of Insanity in the Western Psyche. America is a nation of extremes. The American motto is this, “Be First, be the Best or Cheat.” Americans live in a world of self created elaborate Facades that serve to deceive themselves. Ah yes, America, the Land of Sublime Perfection, Love it or Leave, prick.

When a human being or a nation or a culture enters into either extreme, there is no room for self-analysis, self-criticism, or self-improvement simply because of the extremeness of the position and the self-delusion that “perfection” has been reached by the self-proclaimant. Here is the self-proclamation that keeps Americans squarely ensconced in the Matrix of Insanity, “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. (ASSHOLE). Ahhh, to have reached such a sublime perfection. Fuck the rest of the World. In such an extreme self-view, there is simply no room for improvement.


The Disease of Consciousness

The Human “Ego” is the most perverted and insidious expression of the diseased Consciousness in this 3rd dimension. The “human ego” is a trickster and it is at its’ best when it is involved in self-deception. The very foundation of this 3rd dimension is a hierarchical Patriarchy based on domination from the top down. This Patriarchy is the exact opposite of the ancient Matriarchies. The essentials of Patriarchy are dominance, arrogance, egocentrism, narcissism, hedonism, acquisition, violence, deception thru secrecy in no particular order. Along with these, the Lust for Power, Prestige and Status which are the very framework of the hierarchy.


These three aspects compose the three sides of an equilateral triangle. Status is the base side. Power and prestige are the two equal sides meeting at the top of the triangle. It is interesting to note that on the one dollar bill the pyramid is one of the primary symbols. However, if we pay attention, the capstone of the pyramid is separated from the lower portion. The pyramid symbol on the one dollar bill is the ultimate recognition of the Shekinah. The capstone is the apex of the pyramid and is separated from the lower portion. Moon writes, “Par represents the fire of the Shekinah Glory and its manifestation in the capstone of the Great Pyramid…this fire or Shekinah Glory resides within the capstone of the Great Pyramid.” However, in this 3rd dimensional Universe, the Feminine and the Masculine have become separated and thus, polarized.


The essentials of the Matriarchy are the opposite, open, egalitarian, sharing, cooperative, inclusive, nurturing and life giving. “This process also requires that we honor the nurturing aspects of ourselves, those associated with the feminine, and reject the idea that this is a 'man's world' where might is right. When the status and power of women is higher, so also is the nation's welfare for all. We must understand that our very survival depends upon our ability to be compassionate. We must nurture. We must embrace and love.” “The Secret History of the American Empire, John Perkins.


When Women are forced by the environment in this 3rd dimension, to compete against men, their Matriarchal, Feminine Energy, is first dominated and then perverted by the Patriarchal, Masculine Energy. Hence you have an original energy, the Feminine Energy that gets twisted and even turned upside down and thus no longer in the original state of condition. This is the current state of women in America. “In it, she points out that warfare historically provided a vehicle for men to perform their biological imperative of spreading sperm, while social stability is preferred by women, who are charged with bearing, nurturing, and raising children. She contends that in order to realize more peaceful societies women must play larger roles in the decision making process.” Women, Power and the Biology of Peace, Judith Hand. “ I have to agree”, the old man said. “In past times the women kept us men under control.” He grinned. “We can get pretty wild, hunting and cutting forests, that sort of thing. The women used to say when we had enough...and have the very important job of telling the men when it is time to stop. When members of the Shuar visited the United States they were shocked by the way nature had been destroyed and paved over with highways, cities, and shopping malls. “What happened to the women?” they asked. “Why haven't they stopped the men? Why do your women always want to buy more things?” The Secret History of the American Empire, John Perkins. The American women have co-conspired with the men in usurping their own feminine Shekinah and allowing themselves to be “man-nized” into the hierarchical, corporatocracies for the sake of power, prestige and status.

In this perverted condition, women in America are not even aware of their true Feminine Energy, their true nature. If all of the women of this country would stand up and tell the men, “No, there shall be no War”, guess what? There would be no War and their children would not have to be sacrificed to the War Demons, The First Archons. Throughout time this dark energy has had many names, Sakka, Satan, Jahweh, Pluto, Rakshasas, El, Elohim, El-Elyon, First Archon, Ruler of Darkness, Prince of Darkness. Each culture throughout history has invented and created its own Demons and gods to fear and worship. The Demons represent their own personal fears and mental chaos, and the gods represent their own “ideal versions” of themselves. Unfortunately, these Demons and gods are created within the Matrix of Patriarchy. So the Demons and gods are mini versions of ourselves. Joseph Campbell stated, “All of the Heavens, all of the Hells, all of the Gods, all of the Demons, are within Ourselves.”


Ego Consciousness vs. Sentiency


There is a certain paradox in Ego Consciousness that I want to explore. My exploration will be based on The Niburian Council's assertion that humanity is trapped in a “non-sentient animal cycle.” This is a devastating proposition. It would utterly destroy all world-wide religions and the Patriarchal Hierarchies supporting the religions. The need for prophets, gurus and intermediaries would vanish. So then the most basic question that came to my mind immediately is, “Is there a difference between Ego Consciousness and Sentiency?” Are they not one and the same?


So then, let us take a look at that statement. “Non-sentient” is an incredibly jarring thought. A lot of negative connotations surround it. We humans pride ourselves on our “rational ego consciousness”. According to this self perception, this is what separates “us” from the “animal world.” Again, is what we humans call “Ego Consciousness” the equivalent of “Sentiency?” What if from a Cosmic Creation point of view, they are diametrically opposed? For instance, here is a question that I have often wondered about. “Can a fish born into water ever have the consciousness that he lives in the Water?” How would it describe “breathing underwater to an animal that does not breath underwater.” Or, how would it describe the medium of “water” to a desert dweller. In other words, how can “Ego Consciousness define it's own essence from Ego Consciousness itself?” Could this “veil” be the Maya described most ancient religions? Is then, our Ego Consciousness the Great Reptilian Darkness?


The Ego Consciousness looks at itself in the Great Mirror of Vanity and says, “I am unique, I am special”, there is no other person like me in all of my glory. We pat ourselves on the back, and congratulate ourselves as to how “special we perceive ourselves in the totality of god's Creation.” It is simply wonderful to be human. Yet all we are seeing is the social mask. Descartes stated, “I think, therefore I am.” The Ego Consciousness creates the most magnificent “mental constructs” to define and protect, its own perception of Ego Consciousness. The Great Mirror of Vanity cannot, must not be broken, otherwise schizophrenia can come to the surface and overwhelm the Ego Consciousness. But how do we truly know that what we call “consciousness” is truly “consciousness?” In the Ra Material, Book Two, Ra states: “Finally, one may polarize very strongly third ray by expressing the principle of Universal Love at the total expense of any distortion towards involvement in bellicose actions. In this way the entity may become a 'conscious' being in a very brief span of your time/space.” What Ra refers to “conscious being” I would dare call, Sentiency/Sentient Being. Which really begs the question, “Are we truly conscious at birth or is consciousness something we strive to achieve and rarely do in this lifetime?” Are we then born into a great darkness and confuse it with consciousness? Are we like the fish above, born into a state of existence that we fail to comprehend?


The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung, believed that the majority of consciousness resided in the sub-consciousness (90% +) in the form of archetypes. That simply leaves a sliver of 10% “consciousness” available on the surface. How does this 10% relate to, and in what position does if fit into, with HyperSpace Consciousness? For instance, when we are dreaming, we are sure it is “real”, until we awaken, then we realize it was a dream. How can we possibly know that what we call the sliver of 10% of “consciousness” is not a dream or a great darkness? Is death then, the Great Awakening? A re-embrace of the 90% sub-consciousness? Perhaps, and certainly intriguing! When “human souls” enter the Earth Plain, a great amnesia envelops the soul and it is made to forget everything about its previous

The Heart Brain


At first glance the title seems a contradiction in terms. The first question is “Is there such a thing as a Heart Brain?” In modern times we have been taught to think with our Ego/Cognitive Brain. I call this the Neo-Cortex, Ego/Cognitive Brain. Rational, scientific thought is glorified. Science has become our new “god”. Descartes, the famous philosopher stated, “I think, therefore I am.” Modern man has made himself into his own “creator god.” Modern man says to himself, “If I cannot think of something, or imagine something, then it does not exist.” Thus modern man reduces the whole of Creation to his own perception, which is very limited indeed. “We focus on scientific accomplishment as if all of it emanated from rational procedure...although scientists can arrange data up to a point, they then must make a leap into the unknown.” The Three Faces of Mind, Elaine De Beauport.


In these modern times humankind has been misdirected to use the Ego/Cognitive Brain to the exclusion of the Heart Brain. This is a huge mistake. All of the ancient mystery schools knew of the Heart Brain. To the ancient Egyptians, the Heart was considered the source of Thought, not the Egoic Brain. One particular ancient mystery school sought to fuse the two hemispheres together to produce Occultum, (white gold powder), a Divine Ecstasy in the student. I myself experienced this Divine Ecstasy. This results from the “Secret Fire” igniting within the student. All ancient cultures functioned in a manner much more closely related to Mother Nature, a Matriarchical worldview. The Heart Brain is our connecting link to the Universe. The Heart Chakra links the Finite to the Infinite. The Ego/Cognitive Brain is what I term the Ego Driven Brain and is of the “world”. The Heart Brain is of the Cosmos, a bridge between the micro (man) and the macro (Prime Creator). The Heart Brain is transcendent. It transcends all worldly religions, all political ideologies, all nationalities, wherein these all melt away into what they truly are, sheer absurdities of the Ego Brain.


All Sentient Beings have an innate desire to know the “unknowable, aka Eternity.” We seek answers to questions lingering in the deepest recesses of our Existence. Right now, 2017, there is great discord and division because the American people have recognized how miserably the traditional institutions of Politics, Religions, Government, Corporations, Education have failed to deal with this deep-rooted innate desire to know the “unknowable.” We have an intuitive understanding that all of these institutions we have dedicated our energy and lives to, have only been self serving and self-aggrandizing “man based” organizations that promote conflict and division. No worldly religion promotes unity and cooperation.


The Ego Brain is concerned with the visible, material world. The Heart Brain is concerned with Intuition, and the invisible world. The ancient schools have a maxim that states, “The visible is the unreal, and the invisible is the real.” For the western mind that creates quite a conundrum. The tools for the Ego Brain are the Eyes, called by many, the Windows to the Soul. This is a western civilization lie. The tool for the Heart Brain is the disconnected Psychic Third Eye. The Christos in the bible stated, “Ye have eyes and ye cannot see.”


The result has been a disconnection from our Heart Brain. This is a tragedy of immense proportions.



The Enigma of the Moon SuperComputer and its’ Secret control of Humanity


I am going to propose an insane fiction that will blow your mind better than the best LSD. This chapter is based on a statement by Barbara Marciniak in her book Earth. This chapter is going to be an exploration into an idea as presented by Marciniak. Namely this, that the Moon is a supercomputer for controlling human behavior. Just chill for a second, I did title this book, Journey into Insanity. Come along for the ride and pretend you are reading Carlos Castaneda’s books on Don Juan.


Keep in mind, I function from an imaginative consciousness where I give free rein to my thought processes. I relish these adventures in consciousness and synchronicity. To all orthodox thinkers and religious teachers, I imagine I am considered “insane.” I would say that I am a “little bit politically incorrect”, what do you say? I must warn you, my mind idles very comfortably in the “insanity zone” and I like it, like a drug addict smoking his rocks. I relish my “insanity”. This chapter is an “exploration of what if.”


Marciniak writes, “The moon is a satellite that was constructed. It was built and anchored outside Earth’s atmosphere as a mediating and monitoring device, a supercomputer or eye in the sky. It affects all life forms on this planet, beyond what you can currently grasp…the influence of the moon, as a main satellite computer affects, all of the Earth.”


So let’s deconstruct this paragraph and see if we can either simplify or make it more complex. I am not sure what the end result will be. You be the judge. “The moon is a satellite that was constructed.” So let us put on our detective hat on and ask the standard questions, who, where, when, what, why and how. First, the who question. Obviously a race of sentient beings much more advanced than the Cosmic Amoebas called Humans. There are tales of giants on Planet Earth, the “Nephilim and the Annunaki”, all these tales are obscured by the passage of time. What did they look like, where did they come from, for what purpose did they come to this Solar System. How did they construct the Moon? When was it constructed? Where was it constructed and how did they get it here? How did they lock it in synchronous orbit with the Earth? Why are there specific rations between the Moon, the Sun and the Earth in size and distances to one another? Whatever race of Sentient Beings actually built the Moon, were obviously intelligent far beyond what the “human amoebas” can comprehend or even imagine. I imagine they had to be true giants.


The second sentence, “It was built and anchored outside Earth’s atmosphere”. The Moon is the only celestial body in this Solar System that does not spin or rotate on an axis. Right off the top, the Moon is an anomaly. It contradicts all of the “known laws of physics” by not spinning. However, because we are under its’ control, we do not question that very fact itself. Again the same detective questions, why is it anchored in the specific relationship to Planet Earth as it is? How is it anchored? When was it anchored? Why does it not spin? How long did it take to construct? Was it easy or difficult? How did they tow it here? What is the material used to build