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Book V Chapters











An Act of Revolution [you must buy the book to read this chapter]

[I have provided the courtesy of the first one or two pages per chapter-these samplings are not the complete book.]

Secret Cabals


Every secret is born in the darkness of Satan. Secrets born thus acquire a tremendous power over the human mind. A secret love affair, a secret bank account, a secret handshake, a secret oath, a secret club, ad nauseaum. It has been speculated that all 56 signers of the Declaration and the Constitution were members, perhaps secretly, of the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, or the Illuminati. Maybe even all three.

For some unknown and perverse reason, the First Archons with their coterie of Demons decided that the true history of humanity was to be occulted from humanity by destroying it. The Library at Alexandria was deliberately destroyed. It was the repository of over 700,000 books that contained the entire history of this Planet Earth dating to 445,000 years ago, the exact moment when the Annunaki landed in the Middle East. Across the whole world there was a systematic destruction of all ancient history and knowledge, and a reduction and compression, of human history to a few thousand years. Only a few pockets of a ancient knowledge remained and are slowly being re-discovered. This was an all out effort to “blind” humanity to it's true history. Again, the basic question, Cui Bono? Who benefits?

“Great secret societies of antiquity were justified in their exclusively practices because the knowledge they guarded was so profound and important that it could not be made available to everyone.” Founding Father, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronimus. In essence, secret societies have always been about power. They rationalize themselves in order to gain commercial power over the working masses. Power corrupts. A prime example of how power corrupts is the Knights Templar. At their founding, “As monks, they took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in a ceremony on Christmas Day in the year 1119.” Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronimus. Ironically, two hundred years later they had debauched themselves into nothing than a commercial, banking empire. “For close to two hundred years the Knights Templar flourished in both the Holy Land and across Europe, their numbers soaring as they accumulated vast quantities of wealth and inspired enmity from the highest quarters. Their estates and banking empire continued to grow...” Hieronimus, supra.

Sadly, it is human nature to envy, and become jealous of power and prestige. On October, Friday the 13th, in 1307, the Vatican set up a murderous hit in an attempt to wipe out the Knights Templar. “The eradication of the Templars in France was brutal and violent.” Hieronimus, supra. Patriarchal, hierarchical systems of Power will never hesitate to sacrifice and destroy their own in their insatiable quest for Power and Domination. This is very much a Reptilian trait. For instance, the Komodo Dragon will not hesitate in devouring it's newly hatched offspring. All Patriarchal, hierarchical power structures are inclined to “cannabilize” their own in their own power struggles.

“It has been shown that some secret orders were organizers of piracy, smuggling, drug trafficking, and the slave trade.” Hieronimus, supra. Nothing really has changed in modern times. In fact I believe that the “piracy, smuggling, drug trafficking, and the slave trade” have gone deep underground and refined to the nth degree. This is unavoidable due to man's corrupt nature. Any man given the opportunity to gain great riches at the expense of another with very

Here is a compilation of these Secret Cabals that often function openly in Plain Sight:

This first list is the centralized, controlling oranizational structure:

The Illumaniti, Council of Thirteen, The Bilderbergers, aka, Council of 300, Atlantic Council, Federal Reserve, World Court, World Bank, United Nations, UNICEF, Central Committee of the Communist party of the Soviet Union

This second part is the British counterpart:

House of Rothschild, The Group, aka, Rhodes Milner Round Table, League of Just Men, Hell Fire Club, The Kahila, British Society for Psychical Research, London School of Economics, B.E.A.S.T. computer, Club of Rome, Fabian Socialist Party, British Labor Party, Royal Institute for International Affairs, New School for Social Research, European Common Market,Tavistock Institute, World Peace Council, League for Industrial Democracy, UNESCO, GRU, MI5 and all British intelligence.  And of course the biggest whore of all, the Vatican.

This third part is the United States counterpart:

The Order, aka, Chapter 322, Skull and Bones at Yale, House of Rockefeller, Hell Fire Club, grand Druid Council, Council Foreign Relations, Sexual Key Society, Pilgrim Society, Harris Poll, Gallup Poll, Roper Poll, Rand Corp., MAFIA, Bohemian Club, trilateral Commission, Institute for Policy Studies, CATO Institute, CIA, KGB, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization,

And we American sheeple believe we are the "land of the free."  Not even in our dreams.

Iatrogenic Epidemics and the Cancer Pandemic

Hippocrates, considered by many to be the father of “modern medicine” stated, “First, do no harm”, and “Food is the best medicine.” I will explore those two statements and analyze how well modern western, allopathic doctors are actually following these two commandments.

“Iatrogenic”, sounds like a very impressive “doctor” word. “Iatrogenic” is simply Latin for “doctor caused”. It is also one of the “double-speak” words used by the medical industry to shift the responsibility, the cause of the death of a patient by the doctor, to a nebulous, politically correct word, “iatrogenic”.

“Vaccine Injuries and Deaths are Iatrogenic Disorders and thus those innocent babies and children, who are physically, neurologically and immunologically immature are a perfect set-up for serious, brain-damaging and other lethal complications that manifest in any number of chronic vaccine-induced (and thus iatrogenic) disorders that the guilty vaccine industries will go to any lengths to cover-up.” The Liberty Beacon. All of the actions of the pharmaceutical industry and their crony doctors with forced vaccinations, and uninformed consent, are in violation of the Nuremburg Code and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are crimes against humanity and international law.

It is meant to massage and assuage a terrible truth, “murder by doctor.” For instance, when a doctor mis-diagnoses a symptom and prescribes a medication that kills his patient, the responsibility is transferred to the “iatrogenic” nature. So when a doctor “murders” his patient thru his incompetence and ignorance, he has “plausible deniability” thru the use of a fancy medical “Latin” word unknown to the average American with the I.Q. of an imbecile. The doctor who kowtows to the AMA and FDA, doesn't question what he or she learned in medical school, doesn't find out what is being done in Europe and other parts of the world, in my opinion, practices evil. Whatever you do that causes harm, sorrow, distress, or calamity, is evil - whether done knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Under Natural Law, every human is responsible for their own actions and the consequences of their actions. Ohhh, but not modern allopathic doctors. They have their own personal “get out of jail” card granted by Big Pharma and our own legislature.

“The art of medicine, was merely a pseudo-scientific fabrication, remodelled from time to time to meet the prevailing fashion." [Preface to the 2nd Organon, xv]

As far as Hahnemann was concerned, "physiology...looked only through the spectacles of hypothetical conceits, gross mechanical explanations, and pretensions to systems...little has been added...what are we to think of a science, the operations of which are founded upon perhapses and blind chance?" [Hahnemann, 1805, in Lesser Writings, 423-6] He condemned "speculative refinements, arbitrary axioms…dogmatic assumptions…[and the] magnificent conjuring games of so-called theoretical medicine." [Ameke, 134] The uncurative allopathic approach he condemned merely leads to 'symptom chasing' palliation and medical dependency: "the champions of this clumsy doctrine of morbific matters ought to be ashamed that they have so inconsiderately overlooked and failed to appreciate the spiritual nature of life, and the spiritual dynamic power of the exciting causes of diseases." [Organon, 9]”

In the book, “Rare Earths”, the authors provide statistics about the “iatrogenic” death epidemic in America. At the time of their writing their book, the estimate was 1 million “iatrogenic” deaths in America per year. When you consider that the entire Vietnam war killed about 55,000 humans over one decade, I would say the 1 million deaths per year is an epidemic. Incorrect diagnosis, incorrect doses, wrong medications, deadly allergic reactions, combinations of several drugs, deadly side effects, are all “iatrogenic” caused. “The consumer, who does not realize he is being used as a guinea pig...with men, women and children as test animals in place of rats and guinea pigs.” 100,000,000 Guinea Pigs, Kallet and Schlink. Welcome to the American Rat Lab.

[The death count is the latest consequence of an escalating public health crisis: opioid addiction, now made more deadly by an influx of illicitly manufactured fentanyl and similar drugs. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50.] The New York Times, June 5, 2017.

This is called an “escalating public health crisis”, so what does 1 million iatrogenic deaths per year in the United States add up to. I am correct in calling this an “epidemic?” How about world-wide? The FDA admitted on their own website that “adverse drug reactions”, are the number one cause of deaths and injuries in the United States.” I would very definitely say that the U.S. leads the world in that category.


Fifty years ago, the incidence of autism and its related diseases was one in 15,000 children. Nowadays it is as high as 1 in 50 children. Estimates vary, some say as high as 1 in 10. That is an increase of 300 times or 30,000%. In statistical studies a variation of the factor measured of less than 1% is considered statistically significant. I took a year of statistics in college. Here is the thing about statistics, you can prove anything you set out to prove if you have a pre-determined outcome. Once you get the raw data, you can “refine/filter/dilute” the results over and over to get your pre-determined result. Especially if you are being funded by the pharmaceutical industry. So much for real science. There are several dark nefarious Luciferian purposes for this Satanic paradigm of “world-wide vaccinations.” We start with our basic question “Cui Bono.” My answer is always the same, “follow the money.” One researcher stated that the addition of simply one vaccination to the schedule results in an additional profit of $30 billion in a single year in the U.S. alone. Every year the pharmaceutical companies rake in trillions of dollars from these poisonous cocktails that cost them pennies to brew in their cauldrons. “Bill Gates, Are Vaccines a “Miracle” Over Disease & a “Fantastic Investment” – Or a Disaster for Child Health that May Break the Bank?” The Liberty Beacon.

“I am a super fan of science,” he says. “When we talk about vaccines, and if you question vaccines, you are said to be anti-science. The opposite is actually true … and today I’m going to prove to you [that] the science of vaccines has been fraudulent; it’s a lie, it does not exist, and I want you to march out and demand that science begin immediately.” Dell Bigtree. The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Perhaps when the model for vaccination was conceived, it started with good intentions, but quickly morphed into a commercial model with vast, unlimited potential for commercial profit. In the United States, always follow the money. Disease is an opportunity not to be missed by the commercial military dictatorship. “The CDC now estimates that it will cost 5 million dollars to raise an autistic child into adulthood.” Del, supra. Mammon loves his American sheeple.

The Luciferian system of vaccinations is multi-tiered in it's purposes. Keep in mind, that for Lucifer, a 500 or 1,000 year plan is but a blink of an eye. This Luciferian paradigm is looking at the impact from a multi-generational perspective. According to Del Bigtree, his cultural roots are Mohawk. Decisions made by tribal elders were looked at from the impact of that decision for 7 generations down the line. In contrast, the pharmaceutical industry looks to satisfy the greed of the shareholders year to year in an incredibly myopic manner. If the current trend of world-wide vaccinations continues unabated, I shudder at the thought of future humanity in 7 generations. We will be unrecognizable.

America is a Grand Prisoner of War Concentration Camp, (replicas of this camp were the Nazi Concentration camps during WWII), where the victorious can conduct any and all experiments, medical, nuclear, pharmacological, nutritional and so forth on the dumbed down American sheeple with or without their own consent. For instance, in the medical field, injecting cancer patients with highly toxic brew of carcinogenic chemicals is now the “institutionalized” treatment where the technicians who inject this toxic brew are wearing hazardous material suits to prevent them from coming into contact with the toxic brew they are mainlining into the veins of the cancer victim. Talk about Satanic and barbaric. Now we have the current “vaccination” quackery program made mandatory.


First and foremost vaccinations are a Eugenics Program, aka, World-wide population control. “Still, it is important to remember the now famous words of Bill Gates himself, when he said “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” The Liberty Beacon. Here is the great irony, Gates is speaking of killing off 900,000,000 to 1,400,000,000 humans as casually as he talks of changing his underwear. His murderous desire is hidden in plain sight. Only in the Matrix could a murderous psychopath hide so nicely behind the facade of “philanthropy” and be welcomed with open arms. “Here is my child, oh, great god, kill him, I consecrate him to you.” Gates is a megalomaniacal killer with lots of cash, so people do not question his criminal insanity. If you are rich, you are called “eccentric.” If you are poor, you are called “insane.” ompared to Gates, Hitler should be canonized, and we might as well canonize Lenin and Stalin.


Second, it is a system of creating more diseases for the pharmaceutical companies, not less diseases. “Follow the money.” The so called “health care” system in this country is in shambles. It is not about health, it is about maintaining a perpetual state of disease in as high a percentage of the world population as possible by forcing “petro-medicine” onto the ignorant “herd”, of course, all the while wearing a starched, white lab coat. The pharmaceutical industry even coined the term, “herd immunity.” Is the pharmaceutical industry now openly calling us “cattle?” Third, it is a program of creating Chaos to keep the American sheeple guessing and second guessing what the causes of these new autoimmune diseases are. Divide and Conquer. This Chaos is part of the Five Cs. Confusion, complexity, cognitive dissonance, contradictions and Chaos. This is great for the doctors prescribing “new and experimental drugs” that cost the patient thousands of times more than it costs to brew. Fourth, Auto immune diseases have skyrocketed in the last fifty years, specially in children. The doctor's and scientists mantra is perfect, "We simply do not know the cause, more research is needed and of course, more vaccinations for the new diseases."

“The ubiquitous smear campaigns against what paid trolls pejoratively call “anti-vaxxers” target any and all rational and scholarly skeptics of America’s blatantly over-vaccination agenda – a American national agenda that 1) over-vaccinates the most children in the entire developed world, 2) has the worst infant mortality rate in the entire developed world and 3) has the largest percentage of autistic kids in the entire developed world. But Big Pharma’s toxic over-vaccination agenda is highly profitable for a) Big Pharma, b) Big Medicine, c) pediatricians, d) medical clinics and e) Big Media (which makes billions of dollars per year from Big Pharma advertisers).” The Liberty Beacon. Is this Satanic enough for you????


Here are some more stats:

Here are the facts:

  • 54% percent of American children are chronically ill

  • 13% of America’s children are in special education

  • One in six children has a developmental disorder

  • Millions suffer from allergies including deadly peanut allergies

  • Almost 11% have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • 15,000 or more children were diagnosed with cancer this year alone

  • One in 68 has autism

  • There is an epidemic of autoimmune illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis

  • Still other children suffer from debilitating anxiety, Tourette’s, and sensory issues.

  • Infant mortality (SIDS, etc.) in America is much higher than in other high-income countries while infants receive more vaccines in their first year of life than anywhere in the world.


Vaccinations are a crime against humanity, but it serves the Satanic Child Sacrifice Rituals.

Here is a list of 50 or so ingredients compiled by Del Bigtree:

Aluminum phosphate Calf serum protein soy peptone

aluminum hydroxide mouse serum protein dextrose

ammonium sulfate chick embryo fibroplasts polysorbate 20

casamino acid human serum albumin monophosphoryl lipid A

dimethl-beta-cyclodextrin monkey kidney tissue insect cell protein

formaldehyde or formalin neomycin sulfate L-Listidine

gluturaldehyde bovine protein lactose

2-Phenoxyethanol yeast protein amino acids

bovine extract bovine serum albumin Beta-propiolactone

polysorbate 80 MRC-5 Cellular protein calcium chloride

gelatin Thimerosal (mercury) neomycin

sucrose mineral salts polymyxin B

lactalbumin CTAB phosphate buffers MSG

sorbitol sodium borate egg protein

Are you still wondering why your children are so sick???

Petro-Chemicals as Pro-Oxidative and

Vitamin C-The Major Anti-Oxidant


Human life is pro-oxidative. Human life is based on consumption. For instance, human digestion is extremely pro-oxidative. Some scientists have calculated that digestion consumes 75% of the energy intake just to digest the food we have eaten. Human life itself is based on the 14th Fundamental Truth as I stated in the chapter titled, “On the Nature of Being.” Namely, “The Will to Power thru Dominance by the acquisition of others' Energy.” In its most basic summary, oxidation is simply the theft of electron(s) by a competing Atom of energy. The thief of the electron is called a “free radical.” We could call this free radical an “arch-enemy” of the body. And conversely, the opposite is true with anti-oxidation, it is the donation of electon(s) to another Atom of energy. We could call this donor of an electron, the “Lone Ranger.” A good guy.


Between pro-oxidative activity and anti-oxidative activity, there is a constant exchange of Energy within the Human body. The body is in a constant energy flux 24/7 without us ever knowing this. In an ideal, unpoisoned environment, and in a perfect nutritional state, the Human body would get all of the necessary nutrients from food in the correct proportions, and manufacture all of the necessary vitamin C, and Humans could live easily for over 100 years. Dr. Thomas Levy, author and world-wide lecturer, has written 10 books, mostly about vitamin C. The two that I read are, “Curing the Incurable” and “Primal Panacea.” Truly exceptional research!


Dr. Levy's research has focused primarily on the anti-oxidant effects of Vitamin C on the human body. First of all, Dr. Levy clarifies that Vitamin C is not actually a vitamin in the traditional sense, but rather the most essential nutrient for the human body. “The literature is virtually overflowing with irrefutable evidence that vitamin C is the single most essential nutrient for achieving and maintaining optimal health and also the premier agent for curing or effectively treating large numbers of the most common infectious diseases. Vitamin C is very arguably the most important therapy that most infected patients should receive, regardless of the diagnosis and whether other therapies and medications have already been started.” Curing the Incurable, Thomas E. Levy. Dr. Levy has found that what in fact makes Vitamin C the most powerful anti-oxidant is that it can donate two electrons at the molecular level.


Vitamin C is the most highly studied nutrient in the history of the world, with more than 100,000 published scientific articles available to the serious scholar. Of course, the American sheeple do not read “scientific articles”, but we sure do watch a lot of TV. The U.S. and Britain are tied for the number one spot of people who watch most TV. Vitamin C has been studied for over a century and the conclusions are astounding. “The incredible data cited that support the enormous role that vitamin C should be playing in the life and health of every human being. Medicine and science in general have rarely been significantly advanced by propositions offered by the majority versus the few. Only truly independent minds, like Galileo, Tesla, Newton and Pauling, have offered mankind opportunities to leap forward and not merely crawl along or even slip backwards. If science is not open minded, it has no dignity and little validity.” Levy, supra.


Authentic science must be heroic and courageous. Today's pseudo-science is cowardly and treacherous, and the Great Harlot. Ironically, the 100K+ scientific articles confirm, rather than dispute, Dr. Levy's conclusions regarding vitamin C. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. The pharmaceutical industry has deliberately and consistently ignored this scientific literature simply because there is no profit as compared to the unlimited commercial profit from “petro-chemicals and vaccinations.” An natural substance cannot be patented. On the other hand, any artificially created chemical can be patented.


On Planet Earth there are three species of mammals that do not produce endogenous Vitamin C. Guinea pigs, primates and humans. Personally, I consider primates and humans virtually identical, 95-97% identical. Twins with different masks for social interactions. This specific deficiency set my mind to thinking on a somewhat paranoid path. I revert to my original question, “Cui bono?” Who benefits from this specific deficiency? There are hundreds of thousands of species on Planet Earth and only three species do not produce endogenous Vitamin C. That set off a cascade of questions for me. The standard, who, what, why, where, when and how questions invaded my mind. Ok, here I go. Brace yourself for a little trip.


To the Reptilians, the Carians and the First Archons, Rulers of Darkness, humans are a renewable resource, thus they must have a built in “expiration date”, aka, death. Why does this specific deficiency exist in humans? Is it a naturally occurring “deficiency” or is it a “designer deficiency?” According to Dr. Levy, death by scurvy can occur in humans once they are deficient in Vitamin C for six months more or less. Does Vitamin C set the “expiration date” for humans? What better way to control the population of humans than to have a specific nutrient deficiency that could be made manifest throughout the life of humans. “Conversely, generally vitamin C depleted human beings will typically spend at least half of their lifetimes coping with one or more chronic diseases.” Curing the Incurable, Levy.


The beneficiaries here? The pharmaceutical industry with its sordid cadre of monkey doctor and witch doctors, pharmakons keep the sheeple in a constant state of chronic, low grade disease to maintain their customer base. Curing is not allowed. “That would be stupid.” In the United States, always “follow the money”, like the Pied Piper leading the the lemmings off the cliff. All you have to do is watch TV for about a week and you will self-diagnose yourself with scores of diseases as advertised on TV pharmaceutical ads. I have personally been off the TV Matrix for over a decade.


So then, the next question. How was this deficiency manufactured? Before I go there, let me backtrack a little. “The specific genetic defect that prevents humans from internally synthesizing vitamin C is the lack of a liver enzyme known as L-gu-lonolactone oxidase (GLO). GLO is the last of a sequence of liver enzymes that ultimately transforms glucose (blood sugar) into vitamin C.” Curing the Incurable, Levy. Perhaps an unintended consequence of excessive and underutilized blood sugar is multiple human diseases. Or in fact, was this an “intended consequence?” How many diseases arise from excessive and underutilized “blood sugar?” Dr. David Perlmutter, in his book, Grain Brain, also addresses the impact of sugar on the human body. He concludes that white refined sugar is a toxic poison for the human body, along with high fructose corn syrup.


The one simple thing to remember is that nothing on Planet Earth was left to chance or natural selection. For instance, right now, January 30th, 2018, there is no disease on Planet Earth for which the cure is not known. But it is not revealed to the general humanity. The last thing the PTB, aka, the 13 Banking/Ruling families in alliance with il Vaticano want, is a healthy human population living in harmony with their neighbors, other nations, in a state of Love, Compassion and Mercy, with a sense of Universal Justice written into their very DNA sequencing. Wars would be an impossibility. They would plan to have a war, and no one would come. A bit humiliating for the PTB.

Walmart-The Dark Empire, aka,World Slave Plantation Model


Who is the real Walmart? Does anybody really know who Walmart really is? I am going to try to answer this question. The American sheeple are the biggest suckers for the underdog. We love to hear stories of “rags to riches”, of people living in their cars just before they hit it big, and of course, the proverbial “lottery winners.” Movie stars in Hollywood waited tables for years before being “discovered” and made into overnight sensations, and the ensuing wealth. The American sheeple love these stories. With our emotional infantilism, we love “sob stories.”


The American sheeple love to hear stories about Sam Walton, how he started with one store, drove a 1970s Ford truck, never bought a new car, and so forth. I will also attempt to answer the question, “Who was the real Sam Walton?” Is there a Sam Walton “underdog” fable/myth constructed by Sam himself? The Waltons consider the “Sam Walton” myth their ultimate PR weapon and have used it repeatedly and strategically, like generals planning a battle. Sam wrote his autobiography titled, “Sam Walton: Made in America.” With this book he specifically created the myths of “Made in America and Buy American.” The conquerors always write the histories to perpetuate their agenda. Truth is the first casualty of War. Commerce is War, War is Commerce. I read this book many years ago and I fell for the Sam Walton Myth, hook, line and sinker. Man, I loved this guy. This Sam myth has two tiers. First, Sam is portrayed as a folksy, ol' country boy concerned about his people. Second, that Sam shunned and disdained Wall Street and that is was through his own personal genius, perseverance and hard work that he finally triumphed in spite of Wall Street. The true history of Walmart belies both of these myths. As an iconoclast that relishes in direct perception, I see thru the numerous facades so elaborately and carefully constructed by 13 Banking/Ruling families in alliance with il Vaticano, and by Sam himself.


Born in 1918 and coming of age during the height of the depression, Sam's consciousness was shaped and molded by scenes of poverty and homelessness. But obviously, not poor enough to miss out on college. The poverty stricken did not go to college. In college, Sam was nicknamed the “Hustler” by his classmates. So obviously, there was a darker sinister side other than the country boy uttering, “Shucks.” While serving in the military during WWII, he served in the intelligence community, with his job and duties obscured by time and perhaps the CIA. In 1943, Sam married Helen Robson, the daughter of a wealthy and powerful banker and a successful rancher. So Sam married into big money. Indeed a godsend for a veteran who served his country during WWII. Even though the Big War was still on, Sam managed to buy his first store. By 1945 at age 27, Sam owned his first Ben Franklin store he bought with borrowed money from his father in law. Don't you just love “sugar daddies?”


Seventeen years later, at age 44, under the tutelage of banker Robson, Sam owned 16 Ben Franklin franchises. A lot of hard work and a lot of “financial” help from Robson and his banking friends for his “promising son in law.” In banking circles, connections are priceless. Don't leave home without one. So Sam, walked, talked and hobnobbed with bankers and financiers, and developed a sagacious, astute business acumen. So in essence, Sam developed an “elitist mentality”, of being “moneyed and privileged.” Banking is based on deceiving the slaves, and then capturing their “human energy” to suit the needs of the banks. So for most of his adult formative years, Sam was mentored by bankers and financiers. So he developed into a ruthless, autocratic controlling personality, where his word was the law. Thumbs up, you live, thumbs down, you die.


The dominant business model of those times was Patriarchal and Hierarchical. Bankers see their customers as stupid slaves to be controlled and dominated. Commerce is War and War is Commerce is a maxim of law as old as man himself. Commerce is based solely on the exploitation of the working class and insuring itself a constant source of labor wherein the illusion of “opportunity to build wealth” is paramount, while the reality is an invisible slavery. No matter how elaborate the “corporate facade” is, all corporations function on the same principles and model. Especially in post-industrialization America. Don't deceive yourself.


In his stores, Sam resolved to pay his workers less and fervently resisted the idea of unionization by his employees under the tutelage of his banking friends and financiers. Thru his autocratic style he redefined in his stores what “full time employment” actually was. Throughout the Wally World (WW) empire, full time employment is not the traditional 40 hours per weak, but rather 28 hours per week. Under U.S. labor laws, 40 hours per week would qualify you for all sorts of benefits. By depriving most, if not all of his employees of these illusory benefits, WW looted the till and gained the benefit that would otherwise inure to the employees. Indeed ruthless, but effective. By paying his employees less and 28 hours of work weekly, Sam succeeded in keeping his employees in a financial straight jacket. An invisible slavery disguised as “ an opportunity to work” and feed your family.


The “Hustler” part of Sam's personality allowed him to motivate and inspire his minimum wage employees with “promises of riches” with his chimerical “stock ownership” plan when in fact 95% of his employees turned around and spent their entire paychecks at the “company store” with little to no opportunity to invest a dime of their paycheck. At employee rallies, Sam would refer to “our Company and our Walmart family.” A “hustler/psychopath” can turn on the charm to manipulate the consciousness of the intended mark, and turn around and be ruthless in his demands of loyalty. “Beneath the warm and fuzzy facade, everything, absolutely everything, came down to the bottom line.” In Sam We Trust, Bob Ortega.


The “Hustler” part of Sam allowed him to pontificate much like a televangelist making promises of the “Soma” of Heaven, for the right price. For Sam's associates the “soma” of personal sacrifice for WW was the right price. Sam's “hustler charisma” allowed him to mesmerize and hypnotize many an associate into sacrificing their families on his altar of Commerce. Sam's mantra of “offer the lowest price” sacrificed quality openly and disdainfully. Post Sam's death in 92' the mantra of “lowest price” was thrown out with the bath water and the baby. WW no longer comps competitors coupons with lower prices. Sam is dead, so is his myth, now WW is simply a rapacious, world plantation, forced labor concentration camp hiding behind the facade of the Stars and Stripes. However, WW commandment of “thou shalt offer the lowest price” has fallen to the wayside, much like the Ten Commandments, no longer followed by WW.


WW has successfully exploited the Puritan work ethic established in this country with the landing of the Pilgrims in 1604. “That the only tenet with which Puritanism managed to evangelize equally the non-Christian and Christian world of English-bred civilization is the tenet of work, its doctrine that work is, by God's express will and command, a duty, indeed almost, if not quite, the first and most important of man's secular duties. This erection of labour into a Christian virtue per se, this investment of work with a special religious sanction, was an invention of Puritanism.



The Ultimate Prey


The Ultimate Prey for Man on Planet Earth is Man himself. There in an intense perversity built into the genetic/DNA makeup of Man that makes him want to achieve the ultimate power, the power to kill his fellow man. This is the Curse of Yahweh, the Great Dragon. To become “god”, Man must kill or be killed. Once Man has tasted of this Power to Kill his fellow Man, nothing less will satisfy him. Civilization is a sheer veil that keeps Man “tamed and confined”. There is a Great Psychic Release in the killing of another Man. The Power of Life and Death is the Aphrodisiac of the Gods. Power drives Men mad. Power drives Men insane. This is the expression of the 14th Fundamental Truth I stated in my chapter titled “On the Nature of Being.” “The Will to Power thru Dominance by the acquisition of others' Energy.”


The glorification of War on Planet Earth by Man has served to appease and mitigate the lust for Human Blood of the Creator Gods. Man will always War. The Great Dragon, Yahweh, made a pact for Blood with Noah. The three centers of Earthly Power that are evil incarnate are, in order, Il Vaticano, London, and Washington, District of the Criminally Insane. From these centers spawns all evil on Planet Earth. “Our culture is increasingly driven by hate and fear, and it is this culture that fosters and perpetuates a chronic climate of violence.” Criminal Injustice, Elihu Rosenblatt.


As Above, So Below. The First Archons are Psychic Vampires “extraordinaire”. Humanity is a group of Sentient Beings, that were created by the First Archons, are also psychic vampires. All interactions between Man on Planet Earth are about Power. The two most particularly perverse groups that seek this Power are Politics and Religions. All wars on Planet Earth have been fought for Politics or Religions. In fact, this entire 3rd dimensional Universe is one of Psychic Vampirism. Man has created the Perfect Facade for self deception, that Man is “good.” Man lives out his entire life in a self-created and self proclaimed “morality” in one Universe of a Multi-Verse so vast, with so many billions of star systems we cannot even count them. On top of that, there exist a multiplicity of Dimensions that we cannot even recognize. How can man know he is moral if he has nothing to compare himself to? Moral compared to what? Another human? Really!!


So while self-proclaiming to have arrived in the Age of Enlightenment, Man continues to wage war against his fellow Man. Humans continue to die of curable diseases, continue to suffer hunger, continue to do without the most basic humans needs for the simple fact, Plunder by the small Elite ruling class that have self proclaimed themselves to be the new “commercial gods.” “As a direct result, an untold number of people, especially children, died of malnutrition, starvation and disease. Many more suffered long-term consequences from lack of health care, education, housing and other social services.” The Secret History of the American Empire, John Perkins. A bit ironic don't you think? In the midst of abundance on Planet Earth, men, women and children go hungry and die destitute. How is this acceptable? It is not, except in an insane asylum. True World History, Swerdlow.


Man the Patriarch, continues to rape, pillage and plunder “Mother Earth” while praising himself about his own “humanness” and “enlightenment” in his rape, pillage and plunder of Mother Earth. Do it gently!! All men trumpet their glories. The U.S. is quite a contradiction. While proclaiming “liberty, justice and democracy”, the U.S. spends more than 50% of its total budget on maintaining its military prowess. The U.S. outpaces all other nations in military expenditures. World military spending totaled more than $1.6 trillion in 2015. The U.S. accounted for 37 percent of the total. U.S. military expenditures are roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets around the world, combined. U.S. military spending dwarfs the budget of the #2 country – China. For every dollar China spends on its military, the U.S. spends $2.77. Currently America spends 10 times more on military and war than on healthcare, housing, and education. It is also one of the worlds biggest manufacturers and exporters of weapons to countries around the world. This is all the while pointing the proverbial finger at “terrorist groups” of selling weapons. The U.S. Government is confused about being the post or the kettle. This isn’t just an American problem, it is a global issue since foreign policies are influenced by weapons lobbyists.


We hear people complain of tax-dollars going towards healthcare, housing and education as if it is socialism, but we never hear of war as a socialist plot or an entitlement… Regardless of how far we have drifted from the founding principles of democracy we must turn our eyes to the noble promise of liberty and peace. What can we do to return to the roots? Is that sufficient evidence to prove that the U.S. is a commercial military dictatorship? Ba humbug! Ohhh, I forgot. Currently, the U.S. is involved in 134 “military, policing actions” around the world. Of course, “military policing actions” is code for “Plunder Expeditions.”


The entire history of Man has been one of conflict. All Earthly Empires have been built on the lust of Greed. Human Greed is an incurable Cancer that infects the Human Soul. To want more and to have more. Man has lived for 300,000 years in the Great Reptilian Darkness that is his inheritance from the First Archons. The result of existing in this Great Reptilian Darkness is a world-wide “criminal insanity.” Man's “creator gods”, the First Archons, are stark raving mad themselves. The Annunaki are an in-breeding Sentient race that has corrupted its own blood lines. The Power struggles of Man are simply a reflection of the Power struggle between and among the “creator gods” themselves. All Men desire to be “god.” This desire for Power is the source of all conflict on Planet Earth. Humanity is criminally insane. Humanity has been inbreeding for 300,000 years, since the fabled Gardin of Edin. The first seventy Sentient Beings created by the Annunaki at the Garden of Edin were genetic clones with no genetic diversity. These clones became the pantheon of “Earthly Gods”. From these same cloned genetic Sentient Beings, came the raw genetic material for the Adamu, amelu lulu, primitive workers so badly needed in the mines of Africa.

The Vatican-A Case Study of Necromancy &

Dragon Worshipping


This chapter is premised on the 13th Fundamental Truth as I stated it in this book.This 13th FT is as follows, “All Evil in this 3rd dimension must hide itself behind the façade, the Mask, of Goodness, Philanthropy and Charity”, and then that Evil is to be put in plain sight, right under our noses. Before you fly off the handle, I did not state that there is no genuine “goodness, philanthropy and charity”. Evil must disguise itself to deceive humankind into believing that it is the opposite of what it is. Satan is the Great Trickster of the whole world. What is fun for Lucifer is deadly for humankind.


Now to the essential questions, “What is necromancy?” “What is a necromancer?” The traditional view of necromancy is a fascination with death.

Necromancy /ˈnɛkrɵˌmænsi/ is a form of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft. Practitioners of the dark arts, necromancers summon the dead, wield the power of lost souls, and literally suck the life force from the enemy. Necromancers feed on life force, which they can useto bring allies back from the brink or cheat death itself.

Necro means “dead body” or “death”. We could also relate “necro” to destruction, violence, chaos, disorder, hatred, greed, lust, gluttony, wrath, sloth, pride, and envy. In other words, any action, thought or word that creates an imbalance in positive energy or love. So whatever kills positive energy or Love, is also an act of necromancy.

“The State uses the individual and calls him its citizen; but it has no relationship with the individual, it merely uses him as a tool. A tool is a dead thing, and there can be no relationship with that which is dead...our demand is for dead things; our society is based on the use of dead things.” J. Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living.

So just where the hell am I going with all this and how the “H” does it relate to the Vatican? Have you ever asked yourself this question, “What does the word ‘Vatican’ mean”? No? Probably not!! The word “Vatican” is of an ancient language and culture, called the Etruscans. The Etruscans were pre-Roman, in fact the Romans conquered the Etruscans at the end of the Etruscan’s empire. All empires are born, mature, peak and decay in the course of time. There are several root words from which “Vatican” stems.

  1. Vates-denotes seer, or prophet, tellers of the future

  2. Vatis-denotes seer, or prophet, diviner

  3. Vat-a large tub or cask for storing or holding liquids

  4. Vatic-Prophetic, oracular-having to do with oracles


The suffix “can” is one of many words that mean Serpent, the Devil, Satan, To the Etruscans, “Vatika” was the name of the Goddess of the Underworld who guarded the Necropolis, the City of the Dead, on the Vatican Hill in ancient Rome. The word “Vatican” can be translated to mean“Prophetic or divine Serpent”. Could the “Vatican” mean the “place of the prophetic/divine Serpent”? Why would the emblem of the Serpent/Dragon, be chosen by the Papacy to be on the Crest of the Vatican? The Serpent/Dragon Crest was the Coat of Arms of Pope Gregory XIII, 1572-1585. Any person that has read the Bible knows from Revelations that the Dragon is symbolic of Satan. Why would a “pope” enshrine the Serpent/Dragon on his Coat of Arms? In Revelations it is stated that the Serpent/Dragon gave authority to the Beast. The Beast is also known as a corporation. In biblical terms, the Beast is also an empire or state. Let’s make sure that we understand and agree on this one thing, the Vatican and the papacy are an Empire for world domination. Get it, got it, good!!!!!


A little side track here. The word “corporation” comes from the root word, corpus, which means “dead body, especially a dead human body”. In another part of this book, I laid out the theory that the Vatican is the Mother Lode corporation for all corporations of the entire world. Dead bodies cannot interact with living human beings. However, corpses can hang out with other corpses in the cemetery. Do you recall the other chapter where I explained to you how when a child is born, the child is symbolically killed at birth and in its place is born a corporate, juristic, legal fiction, the straw-man, the nom de guerre, the prisoner of war name, your ALL CAPS name. So then, what if the Vatican has extended the concept of Necropolis to the entire world, and the whole world is considered a “cemetery” where all of the dead bodies interact with one another thru commerce. A world-wide Necromancy thru corporations?


Now this Corpus, this dead body can interact with other ALL CAPS, CORPORATIONS. No live human being can engage in COMMERCE, only dead bodies known as “corporations” can engage in COMMERCE. That is the very reason all “money” in the world is fiat money. Human beings can only use gold and silver to exchange goods and transactions. What do you call a “walking dead body”? You call it a zombie. The Vatican sees all human beings as zombies engaging in COMMERCE for the benefit of the Vatican thru taxation on every single commercial transaction in the world. That sounds pretty sick. A great thinker from the last century stated, “Religions are the opiates of the masses”. What do opiates do to the brain, they keep it in a narcotized trance, a stupor where nothing but hedonistic pleasures for the moment matter at all. Totally “zombified.”


Could we agree that the corporations of the world rule the COMMERCE of the entire world? So then, if you work for a corporation, you are working for a “dead body” that has been given artificial life, through its’ Charter and Articles of Incorporation. So in essence, then you are involved in interacting with a dead body. Businessmen are encouraged to “incorporate” their businesses to get “tax advantages”, to increase profits, to decrease liability, ad nauseaum. What do corporations want? To maximize profit at all costs. Humans, the environment, everything and everyone takes a second seat to the number one motive, profit. Corporations do not celebrate life, they are a world wide web of Necromancy. Corporations celebrate death!!!!


The latest thing is FRACKING-which is the process of injecting solutions composed of carcinogenic compounds into the ground at extremely high pressure to release and cultivate the natural gas and oil in the ground. These virulently poisonous compounds then become part of the water supply. I am going to try to connect some points here. All over the country there has been a great push for the county and state “governments” to adjudicate water rights from people. “Adjudicate” is the politically correct word that means to steal the water rights from people who “own” any real estate.

Rebalance and Reintegration of the Divine Shekinah


This chapter is sequential to the chapter titled The Disease of Consciousness written earlier. It seems to me that humanity has been bamboozled into believing that all change must be positive and must involve, “more.” We want a bigger salary, a bigger house, one more car, more of this or that. We have also been tricked into believing that more is positive. More of anything is not necessarily good or positive. So there is the crux of the problem. Humanity associates “less of something” as negative and also sees suffering as a negative. Suffering is an integral part of the condition of human existence. It is the heat of fire that transforms iron into steel. The American people in general suffer a great psychosis, the perpetual, “empty pursuit for more” and their evanescent “pursuit of happiness.” Buddha proposed the Noble Eightfold Path; right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mind, and right concentration. For the most part, the American sheeple are deficient in all of these.


The “Energy Consciousness” we call the Soul requires both positive and negative, suffering and pain, and exaltation and victories. For instance, we view someone that gets cancer as suffering “unjustly” and asking the proverbial question, “Why me?” Asking “why me” is extremely egocentric and narrow. The proper questions are “What is the lesson within this challenge”, “What do I need to change”. When someone gets “cancer” it simply means that the Energy Matrix of their physical body is completely out of balance. The “cancer” is simply the deeper Self sending a message to the Ego Self, “Hey stupid, pay attention, you are living wrong, you need to change”. However, the Ego Self is so concerned with the externals of this world that it simply fails to register the message from the Deeper Self/OverSoul. In the United States especially, the people are so concerned with appearing busy and productive in the empty pursuit for more, that we are oblivious to most messages from the Deeper Self. It is a syndrome that I call the “ busyness with triviality, inanities and stupidities” that consumes most of the American sheeple. If you combine this busyness with the 4 Cs, confusion, complexity, cognitive dissonance and Chaos, you have the perfect Matrix of Deception where vast amounts of human energy can be safely dissipated without any real change. In other words, you have the criminal insanity of Politics.


The Deeper Self is also described by some as the OverSoul. The Ego Self is so arrogant that it immediately blames someone or something external to themselves, and thus misses the message from the Deeper Self. In this 3rd dimension this provides the perfect opportunity for these posers in white lab coats calling themselves “doctors and pharmacists” to ply their drug trade and enrich themselves at the expense of the deep ignorance of their fellow humans. For instance, “cancer” is attacked with chemo, radiation and surgery, totally barbaric methods from the dark ages. Keep in mind that the technicians who inject the cancer victim with chemo wear hazmat suits to make sure that not one drop of the chemo falls on their skin. The cancer victim allows himself to be injected, mainline, with this toxic witch doctors’ brew of carcinogenic chemicals. However, always remember, it takes two to tango. The duo of “victim and perpetrator” are an inseparable, dynamic duo. This 3rd dimension was specifically created as a dimension of duality.


The very Essence of the Universe requires a constant, dynamic rebalancing and reintegration of its’ Essence. The Ancient Chinese symbol, the Yin and the Yang, is very indicative of the rebalancing and reintegration. The white portion of the Yin has a small dot of black that overtakes the white portion of the Yin, and conversely, the black portion, the Yang, has a small dot of white that overtakes the black portion. This reintegration of these energies may take aeons to complete so we never witness this massive phenomena in the microsecond of human existence on Planet Earth.


This Universe has been described as a Free Will Zone, where the Shekinah, the highest expression of the Divinity, allows all with no restrictions. The Shekinah is the self engendered Energy of the Universe from whence all is birthed from her Womb of Creation, including the Masculine Energy. In essence, the Masculine Energy has usurped and distorted the original creation myths to control and dominate Planet Earth. This usurpation and distortion has also attracted a vast number of “Energy” vampires that are criminally insane. There is a distinct class of sentient beings that are attracted to War, Chaos and Violence. Hence, this Universe is a magnet for all sorts of Sentient Beings, both benevolent and malevolent, from other Universes and dimensions to explore and actually see the result of “free will”. This Planet Earth is rife with portals thru which these Sentient Beings can enter into the plane of Earth. The largest portal is in the Middle East, supposedly one thousand miles wide. Other portals include il Vaticano, London and Washington, District of Criminals.


This Planet is also rife with vortexes that channel human emotional energy into a psychic plane which serves as the dining room for entities like the Inccubbus and Succubbus, which are classes of energy channelers that also feed other psychic entities that feed off of human emotions. There are five primary emotions that serve to feed these entities, the frequencies of fear, chaos, anger, violence and hatred. These energy frequencies provide a bona fide buffet for these malevolent beings. Humanity has been kept in a quarantine of Darkness thru the establishment of these five primary Reptilian frequencies.


On the other hand, Love from the Heart Center, not the loin center, provides an energy boost for the benevolent Beings. The Heart Center is the intuitive center for humans. However, the Love Frequency is much rarer than the other five frequencies on Planet Earth. The Heart Center is the connecting link between the Infinite and the Finite. The Heart Center, both the Heart Brain and the Heart Charkra, combined, are the birthplace of Love, Compassion and Mercy.


Humanity has been deceived into believing that Sentient Beings from other “higher” Universes or dimensions are all “good”. So humans developed a system of worship where they create their pantheon of gods in their own image. So I need to discuss the difference between the free will of the Sentient Beings from other Universes and dimensions and the illusion of free will for humanity.



For Whom the Bell Tolls


I hear the bell tolling loud and clear for me. I am going Home. I am finally leaving this Demon infested, outpost, mental institution for the criminally insane. My assignment is over. I can barely wait to go Home. I got my discharge papers. I am a short timer. I am giddy with excitement. The thing that makes leaving difficult are the attachments I have built in this institution for the criminally insane. They are a lovable bunch in spite of their absurdities. I have developed what is called in human terms “love and compassion” for my fellow inmates. “Come here you low level Cosmic Ameoba, give me a hug.” In retrospect, there is a lot of humor built into the insanity of this institution. I have had my good share of laughs. The High Council on the Pleiades uses the ongoings on Planet Earth for other civilizations to instruct them on how to prevent and avoid this insanity. It is the perfect living laboratory experiment in the “now time” using the Cosmic Ameobas.


This bell tolling for me has an incredible, beautiful and harmonious sound. It is my clarion call to go Home. I have missed the Pleiades, my home star system. I finally woke up and remembered that I am a Pleiadian. I received the harshest of assignments, Planet Earth is considered the harshest of mental institutions in the Galaxy Way prison system. Swerdlow. Planet Earth is the Gulag of the Milky Way. Planet Earth is the Cosmic Navy Seal School. Few if any make it.


Follow me thru the rabbit hole. Satan warred in the Heavens, Satan lost, Satan was thrown out of the Heavens onto the Surface of the Earth. Satan rules Hell. Satan rules Earth. Earth is Satan's Hell. Very conveniently Satan created a Matrix of Insanity aka, Bizarro Opposite World, to keep his minions, Earthlings, slaves in the Great Reptilian Darkness, where imprisonment is called “freedom and free will.” Why are you complaining, you are “god's best work.” Your God loves you. But in order for god to love you, you must first prostrate yourself and tell him how much you love him. Otherwise, you will go to hell for not loving your “creator god.” Do you see the irony here? Here is a “supposed god” that had the power to create “man”, and after “creating man”, he turns around and warns man, “you better not put any other god(s) before me because I am jealous, and insecure about myself.” Did you hear the joke about...? When the Masons reach the 30-33rd degrees, they are initiated into the Secret Knowledge that Satan is the God of the Earth. In a nutshell, Masons are Satanic worshippers. Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike. See also, The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky.  Of course, 99% of Masons do no even know there are 96 degrees in Masonry.


Due to my Seniority on the Pleiadies, I volunteered and chose the raunchiest and harshest of environments thinking I was up to the challenge like a newly graduated Navy Seal. Bring it on beeeatch. I was warned about the Human Experiment. Primarily, I was warned that the main two failings of the human species is their capacity to hate each other and as a consequence, to betray one another at the drop of a hat. Because of the Bizarro Opposite World created by the First Archons, humanity has been entrained to focus on the minor differences that exist rather than on the commonalities they have. The differences between any human race or any given individual is so minute in terms of genetic material that all of humanity is virtually a twin sentient race. Genetically, we are 99.9999999% exactly the same. Humanity is a virtual clone of itself. The illusion that we are so different has created havoc, chaos and violence against one another that we now accept this chaos as normal. The ole “divide and conquer” strategy.


On Planet Earth the human species is the only species that devotes vast economic and organizational resources to destroy one another thru the mind control program called “War.” The archetype of “War” has been programmed to be “glorified” above all else. The call of “War” galvanizes and unites the “tersies” into a froth of patriotism and nationalism. “Kill those Korean bastards” (2017).


The problem for us Pleiadians is that we are an optimistic bunch, we think we can actually save the human species from its own destruction. The human species has been destroying itself for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even millions of years. Current humanity is in the 4th generation of humans, the other three managed to totally wipe themselves out with zero survivors. That is all they have ever known, war and violence. The human species is the most violent and destructive species ever created on Planet Earth. Humans are the most dangerous species on Planet Earth due to their criminal insanity. Humans are known to turn on one another at the drop of the hat for the most insignificant of offenses. That is why so many intergalactic and interdimensional sentient beings that travel intergalactically and inter-dimensionally have developed such an interest in Planet Earth. Of course, “tersies” caught our Pleiadian attention eons ago.


The Pleiades is 500 million light years away. We Pleiadians have mastered space travel, we can get from the Pleiades to this Milky Way Galaxy in 7 hours. We are able to make use of the properties of the Cosmic Plasma and the Cosmic Vril to travel at unbelievable speeds, faster than the Earthly so called “speed of light.” I use the terms such as “travel, and speed”, but in reality, all Existence occupies the same fabric and is coexistent. It takes us 3 and one half hours to prepare to simply step into the other side of a “energetic veil” and then 3 and one half hours to “decelerate”, time to de-brief. All of Creation is mathematical frequencies that tersies describe as Energy. All Energy is harmonious with the Fibonacci Series, the Golden Ration and Phi.

Collapsing Reality


Today is December 4th, 2017. A Tsunami of Insanity is beginning to collapse my walls of Reality. I feel disconnected from the world of people. Things are beginning to reshape themselves into a Separate Reality. I see the two separate worlds side by side. It is beginning to frighten me. The insanity of this world has become very frightening for me. I sit here sobbing and sobbing realizing I am in trouble. Oh my god. I fear the outcome. A collision between my two worlds is mashing both realities into an unknown. A Darkness is peering at me and beckoning me to embrace it. I ask “What do you want?” And it answers, “I want you and I want Blood.” I intuitively know that only blood will satisfy it, whether mine or someone else's. I too am beginning to crave this blood. I have tasted it before. There is nothing like it. It heightens the senses, it creates an ecstasy, a sense of invincibility and eternity. To Kill, to take life by force and squeeze it's essence. To take all that a man has and ever will have, and claim it for your own like a god. Such unbridled Power. It....It intoxicates me. I have felt that intoxication before, it's exhilarating. It is seductive like a beautiful woman who has made you the object of her affections. Blood, the Great Redeemer. It fulfills the desire for Revenge like nothing else. Revenge cleanses and sanctifies. Tis a strange familiarity to this desire for blood. I have killed before. I have tasted the blood of mine enemy. Salty like ocean water, after all, we do come from the Ocean. To take the Blood that god has given a man and rip it out of a man's chest is indeed Power. Tis a great darkness in Blood. A Great Reptilian Darkness that was spawned with the creation of Man.


My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness,


Live Well, have courage and compassion,


Travel Well, my friends and companions.

The Right of Revolution

aka, A Call to Arms

The singular question of our times is this, “Do the peoples of the United States have a right to Revolution against a tyrannical government that has become destructive to the welfare of the people of the country?” What then is a right? Are rights given by men to other men? Are rights given to men by their servant government? First, let me establish the correct chain of command. God created man to serve him. Man created government to serve him. Government is the servant of man. Government is a mental construct, it is a fiction agreed upon. Governments of men are fallible, and susceptible to corruption. Historically, it has been proven over and over again, that Power Corrupts, and especially unchecked absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is the gravest danger in human nature.

God made man in his image to glorify himself. In order to glorify himself, God endowed man with Rights to glorify his own creation. As Prime Creator is perfectly free, he made man perfectly free. Rights are established by our Prime Creator. Every human in the entire world is born with the same exact human rights as granted by Prime Creator. The Bill of Rights does not spell out American Rights, but rather human rights. The Bill of Rights spells these human rights out for the Chinese, the Russians, the Australians, the Indians, the Africans, ad infinitum. It did not differentiate among the human races, but clearly these are inherent Human Rights that Prime Creator endowed all of humanity with. Rights then are pre-political Rights inherent in our humanity, in our very essence of being human. Additionally, Rights are Natural Rights.

Jefferson warned the American people that the only two enemies of the people are the government and criminals. He warned us to chain down the government with the Constitution so that it did not become the criminal. The question is, “Have we failed and allowed our servant to become the criminal?” Have we thru our own inactivity and complacency and child-like trust in our “leaders” participated in the devolution of our Rights and conspired against ourselves while “pursuing our own happiness” and indulging ourselves in the “empty pursuit for more?” Have we as a nation failed? How did we allow our “servant government” to become our “master?” Are then governments simply a reflection of the inner core values of it's peoples, a reflection of the emotional and psychological state of being of the populace? Do governments mirror our own reality at it's very core?

If then our Creator has endowed humanity with these Rights, who among us can remove, abrogate, diminish or legislate these Rights? Can a group of men that organize and call themselves “government” legislate these Creator given Rights? The tyrannical, corrupt government of the United States would have the sheeple believe that indeed they, the government, have the right to legislate and whittle away God given Rights by insidious legislation and incrementalism. There currently exist three secret tyrannies in the country.   We have a legislative tyranny hiding behind the facade of "elected officials."  We have a judicial tyranny hiding behind the facade of "appointments for life."  And the most cowardly of all, the tyranical dictatorship, the Executive tyranny, pretending to be for, of and by "the people".  All three branches have puppet masters, secret controllers that dictate every move they make.   The Patriot Act being the most perverse legislation ever enacted on the face of the Earth. Dictators across history would be envious of the Patriot Act. All politicians spew lies from their mouths every time they speak. Governments and politicos want a pacified and narcotized population nicely corralled and coming to them for every decision to be made. Baaaa, Baaaaa!!! Politicians and governments use words to deceive, to pacify, to coerce, to make the sheeple fearful of their perceived Power.

Our Rights given to us by our Creator are ante-decent and pre-cedent to government. My Rights exist outside of government. Neither the Declaration, nor the Constitution, nor even the Bill of Rights granted me a single right!! No piece of paper grants any rights. No man can define what another man's Rights are. Either you understand your inherent Rights or you are too stupid and ignorant to be a Freeman. The fact that the founding fathers felt the need to express their sentiments as stated in the Bill of Rights, did not create these Rights. These Rights existed and exist outside of politics and government. Again, Rights are pre-political. Politicians have always relied on ignorance to rule the sheeple. In Hoseah, it is stated, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge.” Politicians would have the sheeple believe that the government gives rights to people. Pieces of paper only grant privileges to slaves who come on their knees begging for scraps. Pieces of paper grant permission to slaves from the Master. I must state unequivocally, Rights involve the totality of our very Being as a humanity. We are born with these God given Rights. Our human Rights are imbedded in our very DNA. We must never let any man or government of men to trample or abrogate these God granted Rights. If we are not willing to fight for, defend and die for our own Rights, who will protect them?