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Book 5- Current Affairs

Book V Chapters












​Secret Cabals



Every secret is born in the darkness of Satan. Secrets born thus acquire a tremendous power over the human mind. A secret love affair, a secret bank account, a secret handshake, a secret oath, a secret club, ad nauseaum. It has been speculated that all 56 signers of the Declaration and the Constitution were members, perhaps secretly, of the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, or the Illuminati. Maybe even all three.

For some unknown and perverse reason, the First Archons with their coterie of Demons decided that the true history of humanity was to be occulted from humanity by destroying it. The Library at Alexandria was deliberately destroyed. It was the repository of over 700,000 books that contained the entire history of this Planet Earth dating to 445,000 years ago, the exact moment when the Annunaki landed in the Middle East. Across the whole world there was a systematic destruction of all ancient history and knowledge, and a reduction and compression, of human history to a few thousand years. Only a few pockets of a ancient knowledge remained and are slowly being re-discovered. This was an all out effort to “blind” humanity to it's true history. Again, the basic question, Cui Bono? Who benefits?

“Great secret societies of antiquity were justified in their exclusively practices because the knowledge they guarded was so profound and important that it could not be made available to everyone.” Founding Father, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronimus. In essence, secret societies have always been about power. They rationalize themselves in order to gain commercial power over the working masses. Power corrupts. A prime example of how power corrupts is the Knights Templar. At their founding, “As monks, they took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in a ceremony on Christmas Day in the year 1119.” Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronimus. Ironically, two hundred years later they had debauched themselves into nothing than a commercial, banking empire. “For close to two hundred years the Knights Templar flourished in both the Holy Land and across Europe, their numbers soaring as they accumulated vast quantities of wealth and inspired enmity from the highest quarters. Their estates and banking empire continued to grow...” Hieronimus, supra.

Sadly, it is human nature to envy, and become jealous of power and prestige. On October, Friday the 13th, in 1307, the Vatican set up a murderous hit in an attempt to wipe out the Knights Templar. “The eradication of the Templars in France was brutal and violent.” Hieronimus, supra. Patriarchal, hierarchical systems of Power will never hesitate to sacrifice and destroy their own in their insatiable quest for Power and Domination. This is very much a Reptilian trait. For instance, the Komodo Dragon will not hesitate in devouring it's newly hatched offspring. All Patriarchal, hierarchical power structures are inclined to “cannabilize” their own in their own power struggles.

“It has been shown that some secret orders were organizers of piracy, smuggling, drug trafficking, and the slave trade.” Hieronimus, supra. Nothing really has changed in modern times. In fact I believe that the “piracy, smuggling, drug trafficking, and the slave trade” have gone deep underground and refined to the nth degree. This is unavoidable due to man's corrupt nature. Any man given the opportunity to gain great riches at the expense of another with very

Here is a compilation of these Secret Cabals that often function openly in Plain Sight:

This first list is the centralized, controlling oranizational structure:

The Illumaniti, Council of Thirteen, The Bilderbergers, aka, Council of 300, Atlantic Council, Federal Reserve, World Court, World Bank, United Nations, UNICEF, Central Committee of the Communist party of the Soviet Union

This second part is the British counterpart:

House of Rothschild, The Group, aka, Rhodes Milner Round Table, League of Just Men, Hell Fire Club, The Kahila, British Society for Psychical Research, London School of Economics, B.E.A.S.T. computer, Club of Rome, Fabian Socialist Party, British Labor Party, Royal Institute for International Affairs, New School for Social Research, European Common Market,Tavistock Institute, World Peace Council, League for Industrial Democracy, UNESCO, GRU, MI5 and all British intelligence.  And of course the biggest whore of all, the Vatican.

This third part is the United States counterpart:

The Order, aka, Chapter 322, Skull and Bones at Yale, House of Rockefeller, Hell Fire Club, grand Druid Council, Council Foreign Relations, Sexual Key Society, Pilgrim Society, Harris Poll, Gallup Poll, Roper Poll, Rand Corp., MAFIA, Bohemian Club, trilateral Commission, Institute for Policy Studies, CATO Institute, CIA, KGB, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization,

And we American sheeple believe we are the "land of the free."  Not even in our dreams.

Iatrogenic Epidemics and the Cancer Pandemic

Hippocrates, considered by many to be the father of “modern medicine” stated, “First, do no harm”, and “Food is the best medicine.” I will explore those two statements and analyze how well modern western, allopathic doctors are actually following these two commandments.

“Iatrogenic”, sounds like a very impressive “doctor” word. “Iatrogenic” is simply Latin for “doctor caused”. It is also one of the “double-speak” words used by the medical industry to shift the responsibility, the cause of the death of a patient by the doctor, to a nebulous, politically correct word, “iatrogenic”.

“Vaccine Injuries and Deaths are Iatrogenic Disorders and thus those innocent babies and children, who are physically, neurologically and immunologically immature are a perfect set-up for serious, brain-damaging and other lethal complications that manifest in any number of chronic vaccine-induced (and thus iatrogenic) disorders that the guilty vaccine industries will go to any lengths to cover-up.” The Liberty Beacon. All of the actions of the pharmaceutical industry and their crony doctors with forced vaccinations, and uninformed consent, are in violation of the Nuremburg Code and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are crimes against humanity and international law.

It is meant to massage and assuage a terrible truth, “murder by doctor.” For instance, when a doctor mis-diagnoses a symptom and prescribes a medication that kills his patient, the responsibility is transferred to the “iatrogenic” nature. So when a doctor “murders” his patient thru his incompetence and ignorance, he has “plausible deniability” thru the use of a fancy medical “Latin” word unknown to the average American with the I.Q. of an imbecile. The doctor who kowtows to the AMA and FDA, doesn't question what he or she learned in medical school, doesn't find out what is being done in Europe and other parts of the world, in my opinion, practices evil. Whatever you do that causes harm, sorrow, distress, or calamity, is evil - whether done knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Under Natural Law, every human is responsible for their own actions and the consequences of their actions. Ohhh, but not modern allopathic doctors. They have their own personal “get out of jail” card granted by Big Pharma and our own legislature.

“The art of medicine, was merely a pseudo-scientific fabrication, remodelled from time to time to meet the prevailing fashion." [Preface to the 2nd Organon, xv]

As far as Hahnemann was concerned, "physiology...looked only through the spectacles of hypothetical conceits, gross mechanical explanations, and pretensions to systems...little has been added...what are we to think of a science, the operations of which are founded upon perhapses and blind chance?" [Hahnemann, 1805, in Lesser Writings, 423-6] He condemned "speculative refinements, arbitrary axioms…dogmatic assumptions…[and the] magnificent conjuring games of so-called theoretical medicine." [Ameke, 134] The uncurative allopathic approach he condemned merely leads to 'symptom chasing' palliation and medical dependency: "the champions of this clumsy doctrine of morbific matters ought to be ashamed that they have so inconsiderately overlooked and failed to appreciate the spiritual nature of life, and the spiritual dynamic power of the exciting causes of diseases." [Organon, 9]”

In the book, “Rare Earths”, the authors provide statistics about the “iatrogenic” death epidemic in America. At the time of their writing their book, the estimate was 1 million “iatrogenic” deaths in America per year. When you consider that the entire Vietnam war killed about 55,000 humans over one decade, I would say the 1 million deaths per year is an epidemic. Incorrect diagnosis, incorrect doses, wrong medications, deadly allergic reactions, combinations of several drugs, deadly side effects, are all “iatrogenic” caused. “The consumer, who does not realize he is being used as a guinea pig...with men, women and children as test animals in place of rats and guinea pigs.” 100,000,000 Guinea Pigs, Kallet and Schlink. Welcome to the American Rat Lab.

[The death count is the latest consequence of an escalating public health crisis: opioid addiction, now made more deadly by an influx of illicitly manufactured fentanyl and similar drugs. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50.] The New York Times, June 5, 2017.

This is called an “escalating public health crisis”, so what does 1 million iatrogenic deaths per year in the United States add up to. I am correct in calling this an “epidemic?” How about world-wide? The FDA admitted on their own website that “adverse drug reactions”, are the number one cause of deaths and injuries in the United States.” I would very definitely say that the U.S. leads the world in that category.