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I am an immigrant according to the INS.  Soy Mestizo, pure and pure.  My grandpa on my father's side was a"blue-eyed Espanol", a proud man of a violent temper and a nasty disposition.  My grandpa on my mother's side was a Tarahumara, of a proud Native Mexican Indian Tribe, a gentle man, slow to arouse or anger.  However, he worshipped at the altar of "Cutty Sark."  Known for their stamina, legends of their incredible stamina, young bucks known to have run deer down  thru sheer exhaustion.

What does the INS know about me really?  I am the first born American Citizen of my family.  The year was 1957, my mother pregnant with me after both of us surviving her suicide attempt.  Carefully timing her pregnancy, to make sure that she plopped me out on American soil.  Born in the Republic of Texas,  [Tex], and raised for the first five years in old Mexico, [Mex], a true Tex-Mex.  Whitey Texicans  hate the Tex-Mex.

I am part of the great wave of Mexican immigrantes in the early sixties.  We came to work and a better life, not to sell drugs.  Barely one hundred years earlier, the whole western United States had been part of Mexico.  Thru an act of war, plunder and conquest, [nothing has really changed in the last 150 years, the US is still the number One Warmonger- ing nation in the world] the whole western part of Mexico was usurped and converted to "gringo land."  In order to do that "whitey" had to kill off a few metzicans before the white waves arrived.  It was called a divinely inspired "Manifest Destiny", aka, divine right because we are white, aka, genocide of non whites.