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Book Six- Commercial Military Dictatorship

The Illuminati: Gods or Demons


In any given society, there are always a small percentage of people that are thinkers, researchers and rebels. For the most part this group of men and women are not too terribly interested in the Politics of Power, Prestige and Status. Nor for that matter in accumulating vast sums of what is colloquially called “money”. They are driven by the “fire from within”. Great philosophical thinkers have either summarized previous philosophers and come up with great treatises, or developed unique philosophies that shake the world. Researchers are great “tinkerers”, who love to take things apart and see how they function. Without these researcher minds, we would be much further behind technologically. And then, last, the rebels. Rebels have always served as a counterpoint to government excesses. They reject the “government” of hypocrisy, duplicity, power mongering, deceit and in general reject any constraints on their physical, mental and psychological freedom. “I heartily accept the motto, — ‘That government is best which governs least’ and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically.  Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which I also believe, —‘That government is best which governs not at all.'”  —Henry David Thoreau.


Parallel to this percentage of people are another smaller group of men and women. This group is attracted to “secrecy” and a self perception of “superiority”. This group believes that they themselves have been gifted with vast intelligence above and beyond of the average human being. And as such it is their duty to “rule” over the masses. I call this group “the controllers”. This group suffers from a deep psychosis and schizophrenia that gives rise to a criminal insanity. Religious priests have always been belonged to this group of psychotic, power mongering individuals. This group believes in their own perfectibility. Secret Cabals have always existed throughout history. Please see my chapter titled “Secret Cabals.” Slowly over time, money has become the new religion. Money is the new “god” for all commerce. Power is the flip side of this Janus god.


In the U.S., everything boils down to “follow the money”. Historically all civilizations have had their pantheons of Gods to worship and their “intermediaries”, priests, adept at keeping esoteric knowledge to themselves and being masters of ceremony and deceit. Grand Ceremony and Pomp have always served to pacify and satisfy the yearning of the masses to “know god.” All we need to see is the vast pomp and ceremony of the Vatican. Hitler took advantage of this human weakness and exploited it much to the detriment of the German people and humanity. Repetitive rituals have also served to narcotize the followers who in reality want to achieve the most “salvation” for the least possible effort and thus be “saved” while living a life of debauchery. Ironically, all ancient esoteric knowledge has debauched itself into power and control for economic purposes and the end result has always been Plunder by a ruling, elite class of men. I especially love those “televangelists” selling “dispensations” for vast sums of money. “Jesus love everyone equally, but he will love you more if you send in $1,000 today to receive his special blessing. Come on, Brothers and Sisters, give till it hurts.”


In order to understand these two opposing philosophies, one is of this world, and the other is of the spirit world. With the “fire from within” one seeks to master oneself. On the opposite end, the “philosophy of the world” seeks to master their fellow man by force if necessary. As with any system of social control, the masses must be controlled by power and the fear of power. Power has always required a police state and a militaristic state, joined together is best, hiding behind the facade of a “nation of laws.” In addition, violence is the intimate partner of Fear. In parallel with this police state, a commercial system that requires the average person to dedicate vast sums of his personal time to be able to earn “money” to sustain himself and his family, and look forward to some economic progress that would enable leisure time, vacations, and etc.